[HCDX]: Cape Cod weekend DX conditions - lots o'Spain
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[HCDX]: Cape Cod weekend DX conditions - lots o'Spain

I did a brief listening session on Saturday afternoon
(13 NOV) from South Orleans, Cape Cod, MA.  I had
evidence of Saudi Arabia - 1521 as early as 1910 UTC:
more than 2 hours before sunset.  The 1512 Saudi showed
up later with no sign of Belgium.  During the main
listening session, 2100-2330 UTC, stations from Spain
were very strong, especially in the middle of the dial.

Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Canary Islands, Portugal,
and Azores also boomed in with big signals.  Conditions
to Northern and Central Europe remain poor, this was
typified by 1215 all COPE Spain (no UK), 1314 Spain (no
Norway), 1422 Algeria (no Germany), and 1134 Spain (no

Latin Americans become numerous after 2200 UTC, but
these were mostly routine north coast Venezuelans and
Colombians ('Margarita' YVRS-1020 was amazingly strong).
I didn't spend much time on these as I had some hints
of deep Africans with possible action from South 
Africa - 846, Botswana - 972, and Lesotho - 1197.
The Mediterranean area Europeans competing on those
channels won out though ... oh if I could have had
a Beverage instead of antennas on top of the car !

Gerry Thomas in Florida mentioned a couple of off
channel Latin Americans, on approximately 1466.2
and 1468.  France-1467 was very loud in the early
part of the DX session (too strong to allow any
copy of the off-channel LA's).  Later on, I did
get a carrier in the 1468.0 to 1468.1 range.
Slop from WZOU and others on 1470 prevented
audio extraction.

Later this week I'll send out the complete logs
from this outing, and a previous one.  Also I'll
get all my individual e-mails answered very soon.

I guess things are now in full swing for the
Sheigra and Lemmenjoki DX crews.

Good DX to all ... Mark 


Mark Connelly - Billerica, MA, USA
e-mail: WA1ION@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
homepage: http://members.aol.com/MarkWA1ION/weblink.htm
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