[HCDX]: AFN 1503 kHz OFF !
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[HCDX]: AFN 1503 kHz OFF !


AFN left 1503 kHz after a ca. 24 hours long usage of this frequency from
somewhere in southeast Europe.

A summary of my monitoring:
Night 13/14 November - strong signal
Morning 14 November 0630 UTC - fair signal, later faded out at 0650 UTC
Evening 14 November 1800 UTC - fair signal
Evening 14 November 2315 UTC - NO SIGNAL
Morning 15 November 0600 UTC - NO SIGNAL

Maybe the station has been testing and we can hope to hear it again.
Maybe it is searching for another frequency (1503 kHz is used by low power
transmitters in Crna Gora -Monte Negro- and Bosnia Hercegovina).


Karel Honzik
the Czech Republic
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