Re: [HCDX]: Countries list
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Re: [HCDX]: Countries list

On Mon, 22 Nov 1999, Pentti Lintujarvi wrote:

> How does it take years to put a simple list into net?  It's the money, isn't
> it? Are these lists copyrighted?  Can I publish my own DX-Country List,
> created and updated by me  (and is 100 % equivalent of Finnish DX
> Association's country list) in the net?
> 73 de PUL,
> Pentti Lintujärvi, Helsinki, Finland

That is the first reason. The EDXC list is copyrighted and we do have
quite a pile of the 1998 edition left. But this is not really a very big
thing to the EDXC.

I don't know if anyone is going to blame you, if you scan the list to your
pages, but then again the updatings might very soon lead to a situation
that your list differs from the EDXC list. And that's because listing and
maintaining what is a DX country and what is not, is not at all so easy as
you would probably think.

This leads to the other reason which is that we should negociate with Olle
on this matter. As he is the one who actively follows the world in this
respect and he has the originals in his PC (the FDXA Landlist committee 
has been quite inactive lately). But I suppose Olle hasn't got web
pages nor tools to work on this. So if you want, you might negociate
this with him, and if you find a suitable procedure to run this matter, go

Just to mention that the EDXC list has 20 A4-size pages, and if it is put
into the web it needs a good layout so that you can print the pages well,
because reading such long lists on the screen is often clumsy


Risto Vahakainu
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