Re: [HCDX]: Countries list
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Re: [HCDX]: Countries list

Hi Risto,

if this would support a free online version of the list, I will offer the
necessary webspace without any cost. pdf comes to mind as a suitable
format. Herman Boel is offering his fine MW list in this format also.

However, I will not have the time for doing any html layout.


>This leads to the other reason which is that we should negociate with Olle
>on this matter. As he is the one who actively follows the world in this
>respect and he has the originals in his PC (the FDXA Landlist committee
>has been quite inactive lately). But I suppose Olle hasn't got web
>pages nor tools to work on this. So if you want, you might negociate
>this with him, and if you find a suitable procedure to run this matter, go
>Just to mention that the EDXC list has 20 A4-size pages, and if it is put
>into the web it needs a good layout so that you can print the pages well,
>because reading such long lists on the screen is often clumsy
>Risto Vahakainu

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