Re: [HCDX]: Who has a harmonic verified?
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Re: [HCDX]: Who has a harmonic verified?

I once had a strong signal from a MW station in FARMINGTON LA.I even
called the station in the morning when an engineer was there.I told them
I was up in Wisconsin and picking up their first harmonic as clear as a
local station.I explained a little about it to them,and even had them
hear their station over my telephone...."yup that's us" they said.
   I told them I would be mailing them a reception report,they said to
me they would be looking for it....alas no answer ever came from them.
   My impression is most folks who work at radio stations have little
knowledge of propagation,harmonics,spurs e-skip,etc...I was driving
through Wisconsin a month ago,and came upon a small station.I stopped 
by their tower, tuned my radio in the car to double their freq.and of
course their was their signal,amazing my significant other.Inside the
station was a woman in her 20's,who had no idea about this
possiblity,and looked at me like some kinda nutcase.Even the busy
salesman inside the station had no idea of signals,they instead base
eveything on the SIGNAL GRID MAP they supply to potential
advertisers.Their engineer stops by "every once in awhile" they told
me..for check ups.Hey has anyone been in a RADIO SHACK  in the last 20
years..long gone are people who worked there who actually know anything
about radios.I was looking the other day for some different types of
coaxial cables.The girl at the store told me they didn't have them and
was prepared to send me to another store 20 miles away,of course I
snooped around and found the cable I needed.The girl told me..."hey,I
only work here", and she was serious. :-(

Tom Messer River Falls Wisc.
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