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[HCDX]: tfw 100 3/5

THE FOUR WINDS ON LINE  - Copyright  Part 3
Year   4  Number  100  - Rome, 30 November 1999

2330- 6955- PIRATES SOUTH AMERICA- Radio Blandengue in USB, 2330 - 2359,
Nov 13, Spanish, Id in EE, SS and Italian, Music from the Americas
"Colombia, Venezuela, Paraguay etc. ID "Usted esta sintonizado con Radio
Blandengue" announce addr in Merlin, SINPO 24442, (Eramo, Argentina)

2332- 11745- CHILE- Voz Cristiana, Nov 8 2332-2335, 242, En EspaNol,
paralelo a 17680 (4) y 21550 (4-5)(Yimber Gaviria, Cali,Colombia)

2334- 6924,9- PIRATE SOUTH AMERICA-  R. Blandengue in USB, 2334+, Nov
20, IDs, mx, addr, 'Questa e'Radio Blandengue' IDs, good.

2335- 11870- COSTA RICA- Dr Gene Scott Program, relay Costa Rica, Nov 8,
+2335-0000+, 444, paralelo a 9725 (222, cochannel con Unid), 13750 (solo
despues de las 0000- UT, cuando la VOA cierra misiones),13815(333) via
USA y 13845 (454).Nota: No hay señal en 15460,6150 y 5030. (Yimber
Gaviria, Cali,Colombia)

2340- 4794.6- BOLIVIA-  Radio Mallku. 2340-0058* Nov. 14, Great log of
this radio station with strong sign and clarity presenting the program
SuperDomingo. When giving the hour "... 8 de la noche con 25 minutos
nosotros continuamos en su programa SuperDomingo mandando saludos a toda
la gente linda, el saludo a los compañeros trabajadores mineros de
Bolivia y el exterior que estan en sintonia de Radio Mailko..." musica
tropical boliviana, Closing recorded in voice of professional speaker
without accent at 0055 " ...A esta Hora Radioemisora Mallku cierra sus
emisones con la firme promesa de volver  dentro de algunas horas, Radio
Mallku opera en los 4795 Kcs banda tropical de 60 metros onda corta,
muchas gracias por su preferencia..." there was not National Hymn but
another theme musical. On the name of this radio station it is necessary
to highlight that those speakers have a strong indigenous accent ago
that to listen Radio Maico or Radio Mailco, but in the closing taped in
a professional speaker's voice that vocalizes perfectly is listened
Radio Mallku. (Rodriguez R., Colombia)

2340- 13770- PORTUGAL- RDP Internacional,  Nov 8,2340-2345, 444,em
Portugués com futebol,paralelo 15540 KHz (3)(Yimber Gaviria,

2348- 5523.5- PERU- Radio Sudamerica, Cutervo, 2348 - 2359, Nov 14,
Spanish, Musical program (huaynos), Saludos, ID "Siempre aqui en la
sintonia de Radio Sudamerica" SINPO 24322, (Eramo, Argentina)

2350- 4760- INDIA ANDAMAN ISL. - AIR Port Blair 2350-0002 chant, ID by
female voice "...askashvani...Port Blair...", very low (Canonica.
Switzerland Nov. 13)

2354- 5460.6- PERU-  La Voz de Bolivar, Bolivar, 2354 - 0115, Nov 21/Nov
22, Spanish, Musical Program (Peruvian boleros, Peruvian Folcklore,
Salsa Music and Peruvian Cumbias) Man announcer, Comunicados, Program "
"Saludos  Musicales" Advs., tc "son las seis de la noche con cincuenta y
nueve minutos" ID's " siete con treinta uno la hora en nuestros
estudios....Radioemisora Bolivar" "en esta emisora La Voz de Bolivar" "
en la frecuencia de Radio Bolivar" ".....en esta provincia de Bolivar"
SINPO 24222, (Eramo, Argentina)


BOLIVIA- Radio Centenario "La Nueva", 4855 confirm with letter, sticker
and QSL my report in 40 days (1$), v/s Napoleon Ardaya Diretor, addr.
Casilla de Correo 818, Santa Cruz, Bolivia, e-mail: <
mision.eplabol@xxxxxxxxxxxx > (Canonica, Switzerland)

CAMEROON-  Radio Yaounde, 4850 confirm with QSL in nine mounths!, v/s
Eyebe Canga, Directeur Technique (Canonica, Switzerland)


You can find  GLENN HAUSER'S SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT  at the following web
pages:< http://www.angelfire.com/ok/worldofradio/ghdxmid.html >

DXING WITH CUMBRE may be heard on Real Audio whenever it is on shortwave
at the World Harvest website <http://www.whr.org>. Also, it is audible
on demand at the Cumbre DX website; the URL for it is
<http://www.cumbredx.org>. A number of programs you may have missed or
would like to hear again are archived at the Cumbre DX site, too.

ANGUILLA-  One windbag blows off another. Oops, I said that before.
Thanks to Hurricane Lenny, Dr Gene Scott not to be heard on 6090 Nov 20,
tho I did not note the time. At 1530, 11775 was also missing DGS, just
the commie Cuban turn-on-and-forget bubble jammer since Marti has also
been using 11775 at 0000-0700 (Glenn Hauser, OK / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT
99-57, Nov. 20 )

AUSTRALIA-  RA's Timor troops service confirmed on 9500 ex-9445 //11660
Nov 12 at 1345 check, but both rather poor here (Glenn Hauser, OK / GH

AUSTRIA-  ORF's two media programs in German are no longer easily heard
in NAm due to scheduling which omits them from any airings on 6015 or
7325 in our evenings. We are left with Sunday 1130 on 13730 for
Intermedia, and try Fri 2354 for DX-Telegramm on 9870 and 13730 for
Latin America (Glenn Hauser, OK / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-53, Nov 14)

AUSTRIA- Happened to hear ORF English at 1625 Nov 19 on Sackville 17865
interviewing their webmaster for < http://roi.orf.at >He said ORF has
some 200 pages on the internet. Now some of them are available in new
non-frames version, for the benefit of blind visitors using Lynx(?)
browsers for reading text only, in German, English, Spanish and French.
As far as he knows, ORF is the only station in Europe doing this. Also
plans to increase the amount of audio on demand for benefit of blind and
all listeners (Glenn Hauser, OK/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-56, Nov. 19)

BELARUS - 3346USB Radio Mayak ID, talk in Russian. Only parallel found
was the 4930 relay from Turkmenistan. Fair signal. (Mak, The Netherlands
Nov 7, The Netherlands via Pijpers, The Netherlands)

BOLIVIA-  R. Juan XXIII, San Ignacio de Velasco, Santa Cruz de la Sierra
departamento, which has been on 4965 for 32 years, tells me it will move
around the end of November to 6055, because most receivers tune the 6
MHz band upwards. Uses slogan "La Voz Catolica de la Chiquitania".
Besides pastoral work, this station broadcasts, news, notices and
literacy programs (Rogildo Fontenelle Aragao, Cochabamba, translated by
Hauser, WORLD OF RADIO 1012  / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-54, Nov. 18)

BOLIVIA- R. Victoria is new or reactivated on 7053, heard Nov 21 at 2050
UT, announcing twice it is on ``41 MHz'' SW from Villa Abecia. This is
near Camargo in southern Bolivia (Rogildo Fontenelle Aragao, Cochabamba,
member of DX Clube Paulista / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-59, Nov 22)

CANADA- RCI - The sports anthology program "Inside Track" has been
replaced by the comedy/satire series "Madly Off in All Directions" (Sun.
at 2330 UT on 5960, 6040, 9535, 9755, 11865)..."Ontario Morning" adds a
second hour in the morning to the USA, Caribbean and Mexico, by starting
an hour earlier (1200 UT on 9640, 13650, 17710)...A new morning program
for Africa, to air at 0400 and 0600 weekdays, is imminent. (Figliozzi,

CANADA-  Posted on the CRTC website Nov 17 is Decision CRTC 99-501,
renewing the license not only of CKWX 1130 Vancouver, but shortwave CKFX
6080:  "Rogers Broadcasting Limited Vancouver, British Columbia -
199812582 Application processed by Public Notice CRTC 1999-100 dated 21
June 1999 Licence renewal for CKWX and its transmitter The Commission
renews the broadcasting licence for CKWX Vancouver and its (short-wave)
transmitter CKFX from 1  January 2000 to 31 August 2006, subject to the
conditions specified in the licence to be issued." (via Sheldon Harvey,
Quebec, Nov 18 / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-55, Nov 18) --- The 10-watt
SW outlet has been off for a long time and there were no plans to revive
it. At least it will be possible with the license renewal (Hauser / GH

CHINA PR.-  [non]. Some supposedly new versions of the CRI English
schedule still fail to show the Cuban relays which started a few months
ago. We reconfirmed 9570 CRI in English at 1311 Nov 12, nice crisp audio
for such a relay, but we gloat that the two major jamming offenders,
China and Cuba, combine to mar this frequency with bleedover from the
Cuban commie bubble jammer against Marti on 9565. Serves them right. I
believe I also noticed 9570 CRI relay in English at 0100 recently (Glenn
Hauser, OK OK / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-52, Nov. 12)

CHINA PR- I had a look at the reported CNR-1 txer on 15070 earlier
today. This seems to be a jammer, but I do not know what they are
jamming. Nothing was heard underneath. From before 0700 until 1100 the
txer was modulated with a jamming signal consisting of FM modulated
audio with a low freqy buzz added. From 1100-1300 the audio was clean
but had a  telephone line quality that is only heard on jammers. The
same kind of jammer is heard on 17495 and 17525 0300-0700  [against US
RFA outlets, ---GH]. Considering the strong jamming signal, the stn they
intend to jam must be strongly disliked by the Beijing authorities.
(Olle Alm, Sweden, Nov 13, BC-DX, WORLD OF RADIO 1012  / GH SHORTWAVE/DX
REPORT 99-54, Nov. 18)

CIRAF ZONES- Dear Glenn, A map with CIRAF-zones can be found at <
http://www.air-time.org >The correct URL for Tom's list with CIRAF-zones
is < http://www.trsc.com/ciraf_zones.html  >(with an 's' at the end).
Kind regards, (Ludo Maes, Belgium/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-58, Nov 21,

COSTA RICA-  RFPI gave WOR 1010 a special airing UT Fri Nov 12 0200 on
15049 as substitute for Global Community Forum. 15049 was again
inaudible later in the evening, maybe faded out, but OK after 1230.
Inaudible again and presumably off at 1900-2000 Nov 12 when COM and WOR
would have aired. Let's hope it was off to allow replacement of the 6975
antenna so that can be reactivated ASAP. However, 15049 was back on at
2043 check (Glenn Hauser, OK OK / GH  SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-52, Nov.

COSTA RICA-  As promised, less than two weeks after it vanished with a
broken antenna, RFPI's 6975 was back from 0000 UT Sun Nov 14, seemingly
normal operations as before, off again around 1200*. 15049 continues to
fade out, losing it as early as 0400, but traces of it before 1200 so
may still be 24h; up to good level shortly after 1200, but poor by 1600,
probably falling below the LUHF. DW usage of 21460 is even more than
noticed before, already at 1357 with ID in Arabic, and scheduled
1300-1600 via Nauen, 135 degrees, meaning back-radiation directly to the
northwest. Now would be a good time for RFPI to resume 11 meter band
operation as at last solar peak when it was on 25945, as I recall (Glenn
Hauser, OK/ GH  SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-53, Nov 14)

COSTA RICA-  RFPI was again inaudible in the 1800-2030 period Nov 19 on
15049 and was either off the air or the frequency was too low to
propagate at mid-day. Rechecked at 2227, not only was it on, but 6975
was on and audible a sesquihour earlier than scheduled. If this keeps
up, it will be added to the list for our Sunday 2300 WOR broadcast.
Unfortunately there was no new Mailbag Fri/UT Sat (Glenn Hauser, OK / GH

COSTA RICA- [non]. If you hear Dr Gene Scott on 11870 do not necessarily
conclude it is TIDGS unless off-frequency, at night when 5935 is also
on. That super signal often causes receiver-produced 2nd harmonic here
on our ATS-909, for example (Glenn Hauser, OK/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT
99-57, Nov. 20)

COSTA RICA/CUBA-  Two of my favorite people are fighting over a
frequency, 13750 with a het of about 200 Hz: still dragging its feet
three weeks after B-99 began for everyone else, RHC is still on 13750
for the European service 2000-2200, and on Nov 20 at 2120 we found Arnie
Coro mixing with Dr. Gene Scott. If we listen on USB for some RHC
advantage, we get an even deeper pitch from DGS. It's no better on RHC's
only other frequency to Europe, 13660 USB, which is STILL clashing with
Switzerland, as we pointed out weeks ago (Glenn Hauser, OK/ GH
SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-58, Nov 21, 1999 ) --- And also clash on 13750:
2100 RHC ahead, but Scott Cahuita-CTR on odd 13749.81 and til 2030 AIR
Bangalore  IND too. (Wolfgang Bueschel, Germany, Nov 20 / GH
SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-58, Nov 21, 1999)

COSTA RICA- Glenn, 15050 has been off while we worked on the antenna for
6975. Project should be finished today, Saturday. (Joe Bernard, RFPI,
Nov 20 / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-58, Nov 21, 1999) --- New RFPI
Mailbag appeared Nov 21, UT Sun 0230, with James Latham and Joe Bernard.
Ted Turner and Jane Fonda are coming to a meeting at the University for
Peace this week starting Sunday. RFPI hopes to interview them (and why
not see about a few hundred  million while they're at it...) There are
now two antennas for the 6975 range. New quad is just about finished.
The backup antenna is on a free-standing lower tower not so subject to
high winds and with no guy wires to mess up radiation pattern. James has
been spending 15-20 hours up on the tower. Michael ---, who set up
RFPI's computer system which crashed a few weeks ago, is solving the
problem by sending them a whole new computer, which should arrive by
mid-week and then face at least 4-5 days in customs. So should be back
up in 2 weeks tops and again able to upload Mailbag, PNN and other
rogramming audio. [BTW, tnx to RFPI for running our RIBOLD promos a lot
lately, but we have been trying to get word to them to stop. At least
for the time being, we seem to be spending our time with these more
frequent public DX reports than producing RIBOLD for subscription, still
suspended] RFPI is now streamed! Charlie Wilkinson, somewhere in eastern
US, who set up their original website, has volunteered to handle this,
talking the feed off SW. Requires mp3 player which for Windows 98 can be
downloaded free from < http://www.icecast.org >and the streaming is at <
http://www.boinklabs.com:8000 > (GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-58, Nov 21,

CUBA- Commie bubble jammers were weakly audible Nov 12 at 1243 on 17940,
18090 and 18180. These are third harmonics against R. Marti on 5980,
6030 and 6060 respectively. At this hour Marti was already off 6030, tho
upon occasion I have   noticed it running somewhat past 1200, while the
other two last until 1300. On 17940 only, Marti 3rd harmonic audio was
also barely audible at times, whilst on 5980 itself Marti without the
jamming was to be heard. There was additional jamming in the 17953-17963
range, which could be the third harmonic of something aimed at 5985, no
longer Marti (Glenn Hauser, OK OK / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-52, Nov.

CUBA- Apparently rehabilitated, Manolo de la Rosa heard back as
co-anchor on RHC's Revista Informativa de la Man~ana, Sat Nov 13 at 1100
on 6000 propagating the party line as if he means it. Arnie Coro on
DXers Unlimited Nov 13 was  promoting "hunting harmonics" now that the
higher frequencies are propagating well, without ever referring to our
pioneering promotion of this DX angle sesquidecades ago. He said a
future edition of DXUL would be devoted entirely to this topic, with
some recordings. What do you bet he never acknowledges either that RHC
itself (and allied jammers) are prime producers of harmonics, as are
Cuban MW stations? (Glenn Hauser, OK/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-53, Nov

CUBA- This is nothing new, and I am sure many others have noticed it,
but yet another RHC engineering problem needs to be put on the record.
The transmitter on 11760 is accompanied by a huge buzz on both
sidebands. This is not the sound you hear when tuning plus or minus 5
from any other strong signal, but quite distinct, making the adjacent
channels less usable by other stations than they should be, and annoying
the ears of anyone tuning across 11760. If one tunes exactly to 11760,
the buzz is hardly audible, but increases with tuning off to either
side. I imagine it would be quite obvious and strange on a spectrum
analyzer. This was at 1250 Nov 19, and I believe I have also noticed it
on other RHC frequencies at other times. (Glenn Hauser, OK/ GH

CUBA- On DXers Unlimited Nov 20, Arnie Coro took a swipe obviously at
yours truly (tho not by name - out of professional courtesy or
blacklisting??), provoked by my comment in 99-53 which reached him
somehow (I have not said this on the air). I did not claim to have
discovered or invented harmonic DXing, or been first to do it, but to
have ``pioneered promotion of this DX angle sesquidecades ago.'' Said
his elmer in Cuba, Oscar in 1955 had shown him on an SP-600 how the 54th
harmonic of an Argentine 900 kHz station could be heard on 48600 kHz by
trans-equatorial propagation as a pilot for 6 meter openings. Although
it is conceivable, even I find this hard to believe, because 48-50 MHz
was an old broadcasting band, and in fact Chilean fundamentals in that
area have been reported only recently. But that was a long time ago and
I wasn't there in free Cuba.  I don't remember the exact dates, but for
a few months I wrote a column in NASWA FRENDX, called ``Hunting
Harmonics with Hauser'' so I have an informal claim to the expression
``Hunting Harmonics..'' which Arnie has been using lately. The little
one-page column was soon cancelled for no good reason by club management
at the time, whose names I will withhold now out of professional
courtesy. In those days, it was difficult to convince some DX editors in
that club and elsewhere that DXing harmonics was not: 1) imaginary, 2)
illegal, 3) immoral, 4) irrelevant, or 5) godforbid, non-SWBC even when
the fundamentals were broadcasters! If Arnie did any promotion of DXing
harmonics as early as that in organized DX circles, I'd like to hear
about it.  Anyhow, Arnie is about to do his harmonics special this week,
not clear whether Tuesday or Saturday. He should start with RHC on
12000, 2 x 6000 which several have reported lately. I applaud anyone,
including Arnie, promoting harmonic DXing, and his particular emphasis
on keeping track of propagation on the higher frequencies! Yes, you
heard me right. I just said something nice about Arnie (Glenn Hauser /
GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-58, Nov 21, 1999)

CYPRUS- [non]. Don't expect anything Middle Eastern from Radio Middle
East except the name! Nary an oud nor a muezzin was to be heard during
this program floating on WBCQ 7415 Sat Nov 20 from 2136 tune in until
cut off at 2200 for TimTron Worldwide. We did enjoy the classic rock and
pop tunes and the professional style of Nathan Morley, who might as well
be doing this from London, but announced P O Box 30582, Ayanapa, Cyprus,
and fulfilled a number of requests, including a ``live'' phone interview
with Edward in Lethbridge, Alberta, where it ``is'' 35 degrees C.
Somehow I think this was a while ago. Edward's last name was never
mentioned, but I think it must be Kusalik in nearby Coaldale. Isn't it
great that the active SWL community is so small that we can guess
identities like this?  (Answer: no) (Glenn Hauser, OK / GH SHORTWAVE/DX
REPORT 99-58, Nov 21, 1999)

CZECH REP.- Radio Prague - "Ten Years After", the series focusing on the
decade since the 'Velvet Revolution', will  continue to air in place of
"History Czech" until the end of the year (Wed./Thu. UT in all
broadcasts). (Figliozzi, USA)

ECUADOR- HCJB station manager John Beck was guest on DX Partyline Nov
13, updating Glenn Volkhardt's appearance on Oct 3, 1998 about the
airport situation. Not much has changed; the possible new airport near
Pifo which would put present HCJB antennas directly obstructing the
flight path, is on the back burner with the government, due to more
pressing issues  such as vulcanism and the economy. It is doubtful that
anything will be done in the next 4-5 years. However, HCJB is in the
process of buying some property elsewhere, not pinpointed, and will dust
off the contingency plan to install transmitters there if and when
necessary. Guayaquil also wants a new airport, and it is doubtful
Ecuador could afford new airports for both major cities. There could be
a compromise, putting the main airport south of Quito at Latacunga, and
connect to both cities by bullet trains. Nothing was said here about
HCJB's overseas transmitter plans in Australia, Burkina Faso (Glenn
Hauser, OK/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-53, Nov 14)

ECUADOR- Noted half hour of nice Andean music on La Voz de los Andes
Spanish service to the Americas, 15140, UT Sat Nov 20 at 0200-0230. I
then went looking on the < http://www.hcjb.org.ec > website for the
PROGRAM schedule for this service; finally gave up after a fifth to a
quarter of an hour wasted. It just does not seem to be there, this basic
and essential info. Can anyone find it? I've asked Allen Graham about
this (Glenn Hauser, OK/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-59, Nov 22)

EGYPT-  What is it, going on 10 years already? It is incredible that
Radio Cairo North American Service English remains poorly modulated. In
one year, I may hear one or two clear transmissions either on 9900 at
2300 or 9475 at 0300 [*0200]. And should a transmission be clear, it may
not run the full course of the sesquihour. It may revert back to the low
audio and  distortion at some point. I have found it curious that
sometimes I have heard 9900 clash with SRI and overpower 9905 with its
modulation! Why can't they pump it up when it counts to us at 2300?
They're wiped out by 9895 [RN] 98% of the time. At  0300 9475 is wiped
out by 9470 VOR in Spanish. Engineers must be asleep in Cairo. It is the
wee hours of the morning over there. Maybe they don't want to disrupt
their nap with loud audio? I've complained for some 10 years and I know
it's been mentioned on WOR, in MT, on various SWL programs on other
stations, where poor modulation has been cited on Radio Cairo. Nobody
seems to care or be motivated to find a solution. Why then burn the oil
to keep the transmitter cooking? Few hear their programming. It's a moot
point, just as their audio is nearly mute. Example: Nov 14 2300 on 9900
had one dropout signal. Some splatter as usual from 9895 Spanish R.
Nederland. Cairo's mod slightly better than usual. It only lasted a half
hour or so, then as expected garbled, low volume, etc. It got worse.
Splatter from RN not a major issue. R. Cairo needs engineering help (Bob
Thomas, CT / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-55, Nov 18)

End of part 3
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