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[HCDX]: tfw 100 4/5

THE FOUR WINDS ON LINE  - Copyright  Part 4
Year   4  Number  100  - Rome, 30 November 1999

FINLAND- Finally checked the YLE website for current schedule, and it
confirms there is no longer any English in our  mornings at 1300-1500 on
15400, 17660, just Finnish (and a little Swedish). Too, the Russian Joe
Hanlon and I heard a few days ago at 1430 on 17660 only is supposed to
be on 6180 only for Russia at that hour, so there must have been a
switching or feed error (Glenn Hauser, OK/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-52,
Nov. 12)

FINLAND- YLE Radio Finland - has moved it daily transmissions to North
America to 0300-0330 UT on 9655, 11665...Programs now include an
economic report on UT Tue., environment report Wed., cultural report
Thu., Finnish history feature Fri., week in review Sat..."Weekend
Finland" focusing on everyday life in Finland is a new feature airing
Mon.  UT...The excellent interview/conversation feature "Capital Cafe"
now airs Sun. UT..."Starting Finnish" now airs in both the Fri. and Sat.
broadcasts...Nuntii Latini, the unique classical Latin weekly broadcast
airs on Mon. UT...YLE also broadcasts these programs to Europe, Asia and
Australia at 0730-0800 on 9840, 21670...Also one day earlier UT at
2000-2030 to Europe on 6135. (Figliozzi, USA)

FRANCE-  Good morning: It is just past 16:00 UTC and an announcement on
World Radio Network said labour problems at Radio France International
make regular programming unavailable. So far the news is the only
program affected as they are broadcasting programs such as "Reach Out".
We will see what is on at 1635 when I usually listen to Club 95-16.
(Mick Delmage, Alberta, Nov 21/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-59, Nov
22) --- BBCM had reported a strike against French public broadcasting
radio and TV, including RFI, started UT Nov 15 at 2300 (Hauser/ GH
SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-59, Nov 22) --- On satellite at least RFI
programming was run but no news or Club 95-16. Asia-Pacific news was run
as usual. Not sure, but these programs could have been produced before
the strike. I will try to keep you updated. I missed the HF broadcasts
(Mick Delmage, Alberta, Nov 22/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-59, Nov 22)

GREECE- [non]. Some other listeners have referred to the VOG relays via
VOA-USA at 1800-2200 now as 17705 via Delano and 17565 via Greenville,
based on listings from ERT and in the IBB schedule, constantly updated
on their website, and indeed so listed when we checked the Nov 12
version: 17705 DL 075 degrees, 17565 GA 164 degrees. But as we
previously reported, and just reconfirmed at 1857 check Nov 12, 17565 is
a satellite-delay BEHIND 17705. This strongly suggests that 17705 is GA,
and 17565 is DL, which requires an additional satellite-hop to feed the
signal across the US. Possibly there is some other explanation if the
satellite-feed network is not as straightforward as we assume. But it
would not be the first time that GA and DL sites (or frequencies) have
been swapped for VOG-USA relays. One would think the correct current
info would be in the IBB schedule, however (Glenn Hauser, OK / GH

GREECE-  [non]. Glenn, I think you might be right. I am only basing this
on past reception of VOG relays via Delano and Greenville. The Delano
relay always produced stronger signal and better reception than the
relay via Greenville here in the Chicago area. I am listening to VOG on
17705 and 17565 kHz almost daily between 1830 - 2200 UTC since October
31st, and I can say that 17565 kHz always has better signal. (Christos
Rigas, IL / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-54, Nov. 18) --- cf our Report
99-52. The 75 degree beam from Delano has to inadvertently cross the USA
through the Four Corners and Wichita, exiting quite close to Greenville
on the way to its prime targets, no doubt, of Bermuda and Cabo Verde
(Hauser / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-54, Nov. 18)

GREECE-  [non]. As far as the IBB relays at 1800 UTC are concerned, the
ERT5 schedule does not indicate sites. One thing I noticed the last two
days is that 17565 kHz is almost inaudible here at work, while 17705 kHz
reception has improved. I am suspecting that 17565 kHz switched to GA
and 17705 to DL. Prior to this 17565 kHz was booming in, while 17705 kHz
was weak. All this is just speculation on my part (Chris Rigas, IL, Nov
18 v / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-55, Nov 18) --- It is fun watching the
speculation, but 17565 is GR, 17705 is DL. (Dan Ferguson, IBB, Nov 17 /
GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-55, Nov 18) ---  Actually 17565 is nowhere at
the moment. It was missing whenever I checked on Nov 17, and is still
missing as of 2033 UT on Nov 18. Strangely enough, at 1830 we did hear a
very weak spur from the very strong 17705 around 17560.9, and
synchronized with it (no, it's not my modem). On Nov 18 we first checked
the frequencies at 1751 when 17565 had weak VOA Creole, and 17705 an
extremely strong open carrier. At 1805 recheck, nothing on 17565, and
VOG in English on 17705. I agree with Chris that 17705 now ``sounds
like'' Delano based on strength, as the first hop is coming right down
upon me, whilst Greenville reception is off the side, tho still quite
potent here. However, I have no way of measuring absolute signal
strength or direction-finding. I checked throughout the 13, 16 and 19
meterbands for a new VOG parallel, especially 15485 which was used last
winter, but nothing.  If and when 17565 comes back it will be
interesting to check  whether it now leads audio from 17705 or vice
versa. I am positive that 17565 was a satellite hop behind 17705, from
several checks with two receivers and two ears, and no one has disputed
that. But if this does not confirm that 17565 was DL and  17705 GR,
there must be some other explanation for the disparity, which I still am
waiting to hear. Dan may truthfully say on Nov 17 that 17565 *is* GR and
17705 *is* DL but it depends on what the meaning of *is* is. Will he
confirm or deny that in the first two weeks of November, until we
brought it to their attention, 17705 was GR and 17565 was DL? I can
imagine other circumstances that could account for swaps in this case,
which would not necessarily be reflected on the IBB public schedule:
maintenance could prevent one site/transmitter from operation (as indeed
one is off currently) so depending on available capacity and/or
priorities, the other site might substitute temporarily for broadcasts
to the Americas, which both are equipped to cover. None of this is
earth-shaking but everyone loves a mystery, and solving it (Glenn Hauser

GREECE- [non]. VOA-USA relay at 1800-2200 continues on 17705 only,
nothing on 17565 any more Nov 19, tho it is still used immediately
before and after (see USA below). ( GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-56, Nov.

GREECE- This day, VOG audio was even worse than usual, during the
English news at 1800 and Spanish at 1815. It sounded like an FM station
mistuned to the side, and in addition, at only a slightly lower level
was continuous talk in Greek, evidently mixing from another ERT program
on the satellite feed. It's hard to be sure whether the downlink at VOA
was mistuned, or the uplink in Greece, but more likely the problem is in
Greece, where they have never been able to get a decent quality audio
signal into the VOA USA relays since they started! Fortunately,
Europeans and perhaps eastern North Americans can get the same service
direct from Greece on 9425 which was audible here tho weak and fluttery;
as far as I could tell there was no crosstalk and the audio was decent
(also listed on //7450) (Glenn Hauser, OK/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-56,
Nov. 19)

GREECE-  [non]. The VOG/VOA saga continues. On Sat Nov 20 at 1830 check,
we found 17565 back on, //17705 and this time both are precisely in
synch - so that must mean they are both via Delano at the moment.
However, no mixing products at 17425 and 17845 were detectable. With all
this Delano RF raining down upon me, that'll be the cause of a brain
tumor someday, as I never use a walkie-talkie (a.k.a. cell phone). Would
I have a case since VOA is prohibited from broadcasting within the USA,
but does so anyway? Except during loud music, cross-talk from another
ERT program was audible, but not as bad as yesterday.  Another surprise
came at 1900 when an English program started, ``Hellenics Around the
World'', for the Greek diaspora (come to think of it, that is a Greek
word meaning scattering, or for that matter, broadcasting, not a Hebrew
word at all though originally applied to the Jews!). So not only on
Sunday but on Saturday there is English at 1900. This lasted until 1943,
hosted by Katrina ---, with technician Ol'ga ---. Katrina has a way of
speaking as if she is reading a script all the time. She gave an URL
starting with http: backslash backslash. For newbies and anyone else who
does not actually use a computer keyboard but has no choice but to speak
computerese now and then: this is not the first time I have heard
someone on the air pronounce an URL with the words ``backslash'' to show
they are savvy? This backfires, since that character \ NEVER appears in
URLs, but only in offline computer commands. Since URL slashes are
always forward, it is never necessary to modify the word slash with
forward OR back. Furthermore, since ``slash'' is so harsh-sounding,
violent, I prefer and urge everyone to use the word ``slant'' instead,
which is just as valid for the / symbol, long used by amateurs in
expressing their remote or mobile suffixes, later prefixes. Other
astounding errors I have heard elsewhen: speaking only one slash after
http: or omitting a dot after www. This is not nit-picking, as anyone
will soon discover if they try to get anywhere on the net without
everything precisely correct.  The show began after some music with a
long phone interview from 1907 in English with Nicholas ---, of the
Hellenic Studies Program, Princeton, until 1935 music break; 1940 a
brief report on the Convention of the American Hellenic Institute in
Cyprus and Athens Nov. 13-16. No sensational coverage of the
anti-American riots Clinton's visit provoked here, as one might have
expected or even wanted from the Greek point of view (Glenn Hauser, OK /
GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-58, Nov 21, 1999)

INDIA / COSTA RICA / U S A- The transpolar All India Radio seldom puts a
listenable signal into deep North America (whatever became of their
plans for a relay in West Africa or Caribbean??), but Nov 19 at 1827 I
was pleased to find some Indian music on 13750, with some flutter.
Worse, there was a low heterodyne, whose audio was more detectable by
switching to LSB -- who else but Dr Gene Scott via Costa Rica. True to
form, he wants to use his new toys 24 hours unlike AWR, and damn the
QRM. I understand that 9725 is running 24 h, tho I cannot hear it at
midday; and I found 11870v also reactivated. 1830 GOS of AIR ID and into
talk in English, but I was concentrating on measuring the two
frequencies. TIDGS was on about 13748.8 and AIR on 13748.9 (Glenn
Hauser, OK/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-56, Nov. 19)

INDIA / COSTA RICA - I was so wrapped up in the decimal point that I
slipped to the left on the AIR/DGS clash in 99-56. I meant to say:
13749.9 for India, 13749.8 for CR (/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-57, Nov.

INDIA- Despite its transpolarity, AIR GOS on 13749.9 is managing to
override TIDGS around 1840. Nov 20 it was even audible on the relatively
insensitive DC-777 with some nice Indian classical music as I was
driving around Enid, USA  provoking a sense of culture shock. We don't
even have an Indian restaurant (Glenn Hauser, OK/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT
99-58, Nov 21, 1999)

INDONESIA- Voice of Indonesia with a fair to good signal in English at
2000 UT on 15149.830 khz. (just a tad drifty, by 2018 UT down to
15149.825 khz) Regards, (David Zantow, Janesville, WI, Nov 19 / GH

INDONESIA-  15149.82 Voice of Indonesia, foreign service in English
noted at very listenable levels @*2000-2100*. (19-Nov/Quaglieri-NY) ---
The second report of this recently. Wish I could say it were listenable
here, but at least Nov 22 at 2025 check, very little signal, and splash
from HCJB 15140 (Glenn Hauser, OK/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-59, Nov 22)

ISRAEL - New for IBA English at 0500 is 21715, well heard here (Chris
Hambly, Australia, Nov 21/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-58, Nov 21, 1999)

ISRAEL / NORWAY-  Another clash: 13800 1900-2000 long established
NOR/DEN via Kvitsoe tx suffers co-ch QRM, I suppose registered KOL
Israel Jerusalem 250 kW 330 degr in Hebrew language. (Wolfgang Bueschel,
Nov 21 / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-59, Nov 22) --- Soon to be fixed:
Moshe Oren of Bezeq writes that from Nov 25 at  1000, the switch from
17545 to 13800 by Israel will be at 2000 instead of 1900. BTW, the sked
posted at IBA's website omitted the time for a weekly Saturday only
Spanish/Ladino broadcast. Per the complete schedule Moshe sent, it is
1555-1630 on 15640, 15650, and 1600-1630 on 17705, 17535 (Glenn Hauser /

KOREA, SOUTH-  Thruout Dec, RKI's website features a World Cyberstamp
Exhibition of about 1500 stamps taken from listeners' letters, along
with some kind of competition. Since Nov 1, 8 RKI jingles have been
rearranged into three styles - traditional, modern and trot(?). Tooru
Yamashita likes them and wants to put them on his ABI website. A new
program since Nov 1 on Thursdays is Korea and Its Splendours (RKI
Multiwave Feedback Nov 21 via Hauser / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-59, Nov

MEXICO- New schedule for Encuentro DX on Radio Mil: Sat at 0000 UT on
both 1000 and 6010; repeated on 6010 at: Fri 2330, Sat 2200, Sun 1500,
2230, 0330. This week's program will be repeated the following week; the
next one will be in two weeks. Reports, suggestions and comments are
wanted to: XEOI, Radio Mil Onda Corta, Apartado Postal 21-1000, 04021 -
Mexico 21, D.F., Mexico (Julian Santiago Diez de Bonilla and Hector
Garcia Bojorge, Nov 10, translated by Hauser / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT
99-53, Nov 14) --- I think he may mean UT Sunday 0000 for the first
broadcast, since the order of times indicates the final repeat would be
UT Monday without being so specified. Too bad they don't have any
overnight times or around 1200 when reception is best (Hauser / GH

NETHERLANDS - [non]. RN announced that due to clash with China [and
Singapore], 9820 Bonaire for English at 0930-1125 to Pacific is being
replaced by 9790 effective Mon Nov 15. This will be of some interest in
NAm for early rising listeners (Glenn Hauser, OK / GH SHORTWAVE/DX
REPORT 99-52, Nov. 12) ---The B99 schedules via HFCC show a number of
test transmissions using 100 kW via Bonaire for Digital Radio Mondial.
The first ones are the week of Nov 15-22: 5925 0330-0355 and 1100-1155
and 5965 1000- 1055. Not sure if they will actually go off, but worth
checking (Hans Johnson, Nov 10, Cumbre DX OK / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT
99-52, Nov. 12) This was referred to vaguely on this week's Media
Network with no times or frequencies given (Hauser OK / GH SHORTWAVE/DX
REPORT 99-52, Nov. 12)

NETHERLANDS  - Radio Netherlands - Two new programs in the
schedule..."Dutch Horizons", which replaces "Sounds Interesting", looks
at topical social affairs and popular culture in the Netherlands and is
hosted by newcomer Bertine Krol (..."The Sound Fountain", in place of
"Weekend" and "Aural Tapestry" which are taking a winter break, is
co-produced by Dheera Sujan and Michelle Ernsting and promises
"creativity and exploration of new ideas in sound" with the presentation
of themed series and international collaborations (Sun. 0053, 0453, 2353
to North America on 6165 and 9590 or 9845).  (Figliozzi, USA)

NEW ZEALAND- Radio New Zealand International's sports coverage contract
with domestic commercial broadcaster Radio Sport ended on Nov. 17.
Listeners wishing to comment may e-mail Radio Sport at
<RadioSport@xxxxxxxxxxx>. RNZI has attempted to secure a sponsor in
order to continue its sports service to the South Pacific but has so far
been unsuccessful. Radio Sport had extended its deadline by two weeks,
but has now terminated its feed to RNZI. RNZI estimates the cost of
continuing the service at USD 35,000NZ (USD  18,000US) per annum. ( John
Figliozzi, USA)

PANAMA- Cam, HP1AC, reports that he and others here will be using the
special prefix 3F between Dec 1 and Jan 5, to commemorate the turnover
of the Panama Canal to the Republic of Panama. Look for him as 3F1AC on
40 to 10 meters CW only and QSL via HP1AC (Ohio/Penn DX via Vernon
Ikeda's Ham Radio Report, Nov CIDX Messenger / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT
99-57, Nov. 20) ---  They should be using a Chinese prefix, per the far
right fearmongers (Hauser / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-57, Nov. 20)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA-  Glenn, 3235 Radio West New Britain has been heard
regularly through this year --- My last logging was in early July of
this year. This station was also recorded at Graylands in June by the
Graylands DXPedition (http://surf.to/grayland99) and I recorded it there
on the evening I was there. My last QSL letter was for reception on 9
Feb 1999 (I haven't sent any since) Regards (Don Nelson, Beaverton, OR /
GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-54, Nov. 18) --- Corrects item at end of WOR
1011, and in our Report 99-51. I WELCOME corrections like this, so we
can get it right later, if not sooner! (Glenn / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT
99-54, Nov. 18)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA- Regarding the ``correxion'' to Chris Hambly's report
about RWNB 3235 having come back after a year: Chris tells me he checked
very frequently for it and had not been hearing it. (The one year
silence was just a guess off the cuff when I asked him for how long.)
Possibly the Grayland DXpedition in July with beverage could hear it
when nearby Chris could not, but it certainly had been inaudible for
some time. BTW, I have seen another ecent report that 3235 had just been
reactivated, without specifying after how long (Glenn Hauser/ GH
SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-58, Nov 21, 1999)

PHILIPPINES-  The unID on 12095 clashing with BBC's sesqui-decades- old
frequency in 99-54 turns out to be: FEBC. The next day, Nov 18 at 1201,
we heard their IS, ``We have heard the joyous sound, Jesus Saves, Jesus
Saves [allegedly]''. Then went to FEBC website and opened their
exhaustive frequency-management schedule which promptly admitted to
usage of 12095 from Bocaue on 280 degrees, at 1030-1045 in Mien,
1045-1100 in Khmu, 1100-1130 in Blue or White Hmong depending on day of
week (I believe that refers to the color of their traditional garb),
1130-1200 Lao, 1200-1300 Khmer. Recheck Nov 19 found both this and BBC
quite weak but still clashing. I imagine this is a big problem for BBC
in Asia, Mideast and Africa. They are now aware of it, so we'll see how
long this conflict lasts. I notice that Alan Davies in Malaysia thinks
FEBC had moved this service from 11610 (Glenn Hauser, OK / GH

PHILIPPINES-  Sat Nov 20 from 1200, BBC was clear on 12095 as FE
conditions were subnormal, but by 1243 we still heard the FEBC clash
(Glenn Hauser, OK/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-57, Nov. 20)

PIRATE SOUTH AMERICA- Radio Bosques, Villa Dominico, Argentina on 6219,
(fqy var) acc.to the info who gave me Horacio A. Nigro on 10 Nov, and
thanks to his information; I finally visited the station on Calle
Magdalena Nr. 34, 1874-Villa Dominico, B.A. Argentina, on 15 Nov and I
talked with the his operator, Mr Alejandro Garcia. For your knowledge,
he has 29 years old and he has a very high feeling for the radio, DXer
since 15 years ago, he has been transmitting on 6215,5 khz   irregularly
from May 1999. His equipment is a marine transistorized modified
transmitter, that has 2 electric air-cooler and has 60 watts max.output
power excited through VHF using a V antenna of 1/4 wave and broadcasting
in AM mode. The current plans of Alejandro is broadcast periodically
from *0300-0500*v. The regular output power of transmitter is around 35
watts. Hrd today Nov 16 from *0300+ with local mx on the air, hrd with
regular signal. Regarding to the QSL policy, the station will confirm
you 100% all correct reports received on Calle Magdalena 34, and 2 IRCs,
2 US$ or m/s will be very appreciated,  because the station has very few
resources for its activities. [Gabriel Ivan Barrera, Argentina] --- Hrd
also by E.A.Wembagher on 6219-6220 khz AM on Nov 16, at 0300 with SIO:
544, ID as "En su frecuencia de 6215 kilohertz   transmite Radio
Bosques, desde Avellaneda, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Republica
Argentina. s/on with mx " Do not cry for me Argentina" by Roque
Narvaja.(EAW / via Barrera, Argentina)

ROMANIA- We re-checked the 16m band Nov 12 at 1300 to see if RRI and the
home service were again producing all the spurs we recently reported.
The frequencies were still off-channel, about 17807.1 and 17824.9
respectively, the latter with its perpetual roar, but no mixing products
or spurs/splatter were audible. However, the fundamental signals were
not as strong as on the previous occasion, so spurs may have been below
audible threshhold at the moment (Glenn Hauser, OK / GH SHORTWAVE/DX
REPORT 99-52, Nov. 12)

ROMANIA- We continue to check RRI's faulty transmitters on 16 meters.
Nov 18 at 1320 we were surprised to find RRI  actually on 17805.0
directly clashing with some other station, but a few minutes later the
het appeared on about 17807.45 as RRI apparently jumped to the usual
variable offset. Nov 19 at *1300 RRI we measured on about 17806.96
(Glenn Hauser, OK/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-56, Nov. 19)

RUSSIA- The R. Free Chechnya schedule given on WOR 1012 is already
outdated. Here is the latest from St. Petersburg: Here is a new changed
schedule of Radio Chechnya Svobodnaya (Radio Free Chechnya)
transmissions via St. Petersburg starting on November 19 [Friday]:  5935
0300-0600 --- 7305 1830-2100 --- 7335 0300-0700 --- 7340 1430-2100 ---
7355 1500-1800 --- 11635 0630-1430 --- 15605 0730-1400 --- Old 15515 and
17665 kHz will be out of use.  We are also planning to relay a Radio
Chechnya Svobodnaya program via our Kaliningrad transmitting center
starting on November 22 [Monday] according to the following schedule:
5905 1530-2100 --- 9450 0300-0700 --- 15355 0730-1500 --- Don't be
surprised if you will not hear a Radio Gardarika signal exactly at 2015
in the coming time. We are planning to change their transmission time
according to the following schedule [Fri, Sat, Sun only]:  2030-2130
tentatively on November 26-28 2030-2200 tentatively on December 3-5 and
10-12 All on old 5925 (ND) and 7330 (222 degrees). (Mikhail Timofeyev,
St. Petersburg, Nov 18 / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-55, Nov 18)

ST HELENA-  Regarding the breakdown of the RMS St. Helena, preventing
cargo, mail and passengers from reaching STH on schedule: Substitute
vessels have been chartered, first into the island by early December.
(The Islander newspaper, Ascension) --- Please see The Islander web site
for more details at < http://www.the-islander.org.ac/  >(via sthelena
list) More places to keep up with the St. Helena situation:  <
http://www.rms-st-helena.com  >(Larry Greenfield, whose travels plans
have been ruined by all this, sthelena list / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT
99-59, Nov 22) --- RMS Update at < http://www.cams-stores.sh  >(sthelena
list / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-59, Nov 22)

SAUDI ARABIA /  UAE- Saudi Arabia and UAE  do a good job of matching
their frequencies to within a few Hz of 21605 at 1400 Nov 16, but time
signals were some 5 seconds apart! If anyone were depending on these for
navigation they would run into a reef or a mountain. I'm baffled why any
station which cannot broadcast timesignals (pips of any number) accurate
to within milliseconds bothers to do so at all, unless it is to pretend
to scientific prestige (Glenn Hauser, OK / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-54,
Nov. 18)

End of part  4
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