[HCDX]: tfw 100 5/5
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[HCDX]: tfw 100 5/5

THE FOUR WINDS ON LINE  - Copyright  Part 5
Year   4  Number  100  - Rome, 30 November 1999

SOMALIA- Here are some info regarding Somalia: 7074 Hargeisa Not heard
for quiet some time now 6900 Holy Koran Not Heard since ISRAEL D.F R is
on 6898,  6859v R Mogadishu is on 6853 for the time being 7088 R
Mogadishu reported at  1600-1700 (Voice of the People). I had thought
this station was a second transmission of R. Mogadishu (V.O.P) due to
its Signature tune (Military Band Tune) sounding the same as Voice of
the people but it fact it was R. Gaalkacyo and like all Somali Stations
it has also changed freq many times - it was on 7060, then 7088 and now
7012 6690v R Mogadishu 1500-1900 (Voice of the People). Has 6690
replaced  11204 kHz ?  Voice of the people was off the air for nearly 4
months and was reactivated on 2 Oct on 6750 and was there for less that
15 days and it has not been heard again until now and here are the
frequencies used by this station in the past: from 11204 to 6822 -
6754 - 6540 - 6584. (Mahendra Vaghjee In the Indian Ocean, Nov 21, copy
of reply to an inquiry by Anker Petersen / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-59,
Nov 22)

SPAIN- Thanks to a tip from Ruben Guillermo Margenet, I checked REE's
Spanish media program for the first time in  months, at its new time,
Sun 1309:30-1330. Same program, Amigos de la Onda Corta with new host,
Angel Rodriguez Lozano, up to old tricks, stealing our info: "la ronda
de emisoras" segment at end had only two tips, one of which was Turkey's
new Spanish service, an item I distributed to Spanish DX bulletins, but
he quoted without any credit whatsoever. As usual, 21700 was best here,
and if I read the B-99 REE sked via Ruben correctly, others are 21610,
21570 (both also audible), 17595, 15585. The Cariari, Costa Rica relays
on 5970, 11815 and 15170 from 1300 evidently do not open until 1400 on
Sundays. The only other time for ADLOC: UT Sun 0105, on 11945, 6125
(Guillermo Oclajoma  / Glenn Hauser,/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-53, Nov

SWITZERLAND - SRI - "Book Zone" is a new monthly program airing the
second Sunday of the month and reviewing the  world of books in
Switzerland...The daily "Rendezvous with Switzerland" (0430 UT on 9885,
9905, 1430 on 12010, 15185) has added a regular thematic approach for
some of its programs with tourism on Monday and arts and culture in
Switzerland on Thursdays. Bob Zanotti has occasionally been heard
presenting the Monday program. (Figliozzi, USA)

TURKEY- Just when the world is eager to hear any news direct after
another disaster, VOT self-defeatingly dumps English for even more
Turkish: the scheduled NAm service in English at 2300 Nov 13 on 9655 in
fact carried the Turkish service  //9460 and 9445; at first a calm
conversation, and later some excited fuss presumably from the quake
area. Reminds me of R. Jordan dumping English when King Hussein died.
The Nov 14 1330 17815 broadcast, however, was back in English, playing
irrelevant rock music at 1404 check. BTW, this broadcast, supposedly for
"SW Asia" is much better here than either of the so-called Nam English
broadcasts, 2300 on 9655 and 0400 on 6010 (Glenn Hauser, OK / GH

TURKEY-  Based on the B-99 TRT frequency schedule, of which we now have
a hard copy, we publicized a new broadcast in Spanish daily at 1730-1800
on 11670 from Emirler, 500 kW DSB to CIRAF Zones 28 and 27. Every line
also specifies period of operation, i.e. 311099 to 260300. But Jaime
Baguena in Holland told me Nov. 18 that he had checked for it and heard
nothing but noise on the frequency. So this may well not have actually
started. Of course, Turkey and TRT have plenty of more important
problems. Possibly they are waiting until Jan 1 to hire some of the
Spanish staff DW will be dismissing as of Dec 31! (Glenn Hauser/ GH

TURKEY- Another typo in 99-56 was the second CIRAF Zone for the
non-existent Spanish broadcast. Zone 37, not 27. This spurred me to
check < http://www.trsc.com/ciraf_zone.html >for a key to the meaning of
these zones which Tom Sundstrom had been promising. Thanks to Dan
Ferguson, it is now there, but unfortunately with no map. 28 is Central
and East Europe, not including Baltics; 37 is Spain, Morocco, Algeria
and Tunisia (Glenn Hauser / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-57, Nov. 20)

TUVALU-  In reporting on the .tv domain affair, Kim Elliott on this
week's Communications World remarks that I have a pet peeve against the
word ``tiny'' being applied to places like Lithuania which are not
really tiny, but surely even I would approve of Tiny Tuvalu. Well, yes,
the land area is 10 sq mi, less than half of Manhattan NY, but even that
tiny amount is spread out over 9 islands stretching in a 360-mile chain,
says the World Almanac (Hauser/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-58, Nov 21,

U K O G B A N I- [non]. We checked again Nov 12 for the registered Red
Cross broadcasts to SE Europe at 1430-1445 M-F only, starting at 1414
and found: 11680 with ...- BBC IS and 1415 into Albanian, which Nov BBC
On Air shows scheduled here as well as 13670, 15115. Nothing heard on
13670 (nor 13755, supposedly the RC frequency after 1430), but 15115 was
clashing with HCJB again. Both went off at 1430 with no Red Cross yet.
11680 had a het which then uncovered something FE sounding (Glenn
Hauser, OK OK / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-52, Nov. 12)

U S A - [non]. Surprised to find VOA News Now on nice clear frequency
9355 at 1316 Nov 12 with story on counterfeiting, // 9760. IBB says this
is Saipan 285 degrees used at 1300-1400 only. They know how to pick
frequencies, unlike WTJC still with RTTY on 9370.8 (Glenn Hauser, OK /

U S A  - WRMI will carry a special program Fri Nov 26 at 2330-2400 on
9955 only for the 13th anniversary of the Club  Diexistas de la Amistad,
Venezuela, and the 10th anniversary of the program "America en Antena:
El Magazine de la Radio Internacional", which is broadcast on Radio
Paraiso Stereo 102.9 FM, Sundays at 8-12 pm local time. This will be a
special edition dediciated to "Radiodifusion Nacional e Internacional".
The same program will be rebroadcast for NAm at 0430-0500 UT Sat Nov 27
on 7570, and perhaps also a couple of hours earlier at 0230, to be
confirmed. Also to be broadcast Nov 28 for western Venezuela via Paraiso
Stereo 102.9 within the program "America en Antena" between 8 and 8:30
pm local. And on Nov 29 for eastern Venezuela via R. Porten~s, 640 AM in
the "Sintonia DX" program conducted by Jose Elias Diaz Gomez from Puerto
La Cruz at 0230-0300 UT Tue. All reception reports go to <
americaenantena@xxxxxxxxxxx > with a copy to <
jorge.garcia@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx > A virtual QSL will be sent in reply. By
P-mail reports may be sent to: Radio Paraiso Stereo 102.9 FM, Programa:
America en Antena, Av. Principal Alto Barinas Norte, Barinas 5201,
Venezuela. Regarding the  frequency of 7570 for WRMI, Jeff White has
called me to confirm that perhaps before Nov 26 they will change to that
frequency from 7460, so be on the lookout (Jorge Garcia Rangel, Barinas,
Venezuela, Nov 11; all in Spanish, translated by Hauser OK / GH

U S A- All is not well at the so-called University Network. People who
can actually stand to listen to Dr Gene Scott for more than a couple of
seconds report that he has been talking about having fired some of his
top people recently for incompetence, disloyalty or worse. -- Just as he
embarks on expanding his egotrip to Costa Rica (Glenn Hauser, OK/ GH

U S A- On Al Weiner Worldwide, UT Sat Nov 13 at 0100 on WBCQ 7415, Al
reported that his medical tests for Lyme disease came back negative but
he still has some unknown ailment and continues taking anti-biotics. For
the new WBCQ streaming  accessible via < http://www.wbcq.com > but
actually via < http://www.shoutcast.com  > you may need to download a
Winamp player; or the newest Netscape version 4.7 or latest version of
RealAudio work. "The Album Zone," from Britain, will be back starting
Dec 4, Sat 2100-2200. From Nov 27 a new program, "Planet Lavender" will
run Sats 2200-2300, and Timtron will  shift to 2300-2400, these
replacing Saturday Morning Confusion. Tom & Darrel are still on Sundays
0500-0800. New on  Sundays at 2230-2300 is a program called
"Regeneration," with music and commentary. WBCQ-2 has now been
authorized, and was tested earlier on Friday with new rhombic antenna on
7415 (notes by Glenn Hauser) --- Scott Becker, who is  generously
providing Allan with the Shoutcast feed, is also pumping out non-WBCQ
programming on the channel when WBCQ is off the air. This appears to be
confusing some listeners. I've also received complaints of lockups and
poor quality from listeners to the Shoutcast feed. Is this the DX
challenge of the new millennium (which really starts in 2001!)? (Dan
Lewis, master of webmistress at < http://wbcq.net > not involved in the
streaming, Nov 14 / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-53, Nov 14)

U S A- Another check for the WWCR spur on 7461.8 Sat Nov 13 around 1300
turned up negative, tho fundamental 7435 seemed to be at the usual
pounding level. Perhaps something was tweaked or JOOTT? Ditto Nov 14
(Glenn Hauser, OK / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-53, Nov 14)---  Nothing
has been done to transmitter (George McClintock, WWCR, Nov 14/ GH

U S A- Never mind about the WWCR spur on 7461.8. Further checking with a
portable radio inside the shack found the signal peaking near the back
of our computer -- and it disappeared when we disconnected either line
from the modem! Apologies to WWCR for concluding prematurely it was
their problem. BTW, lest ye think our report of Romanian spurs may be
the same -- certainly not; we first heard those from a remote location
far from our modem, and such spurs have been noted by many others, such
as Hans-Joachim Koch in Germany (Glenn Hauser, OK / GH SHORTWAVE/DX
REPORT 99-54, Nov. 18)

U S A- Now seems VOA has a full hour of Spe-cial Eng-lish at 1600-1700;
happened on this Nov 19 at 1628 on 17895, better than //13600, when they
were referring to < http://www.dyned.com   >-- that is the site of the
commercial enterprise Dynamic English, which apparently since Oct 1 has
a contract to provide VOA Special English programming and associated
learning materials. A week by week schedule of topics is included. 1630
went into news. The Special English page on the VOA website is
apparently outdated, since it does not show any at 1600-1630. But the
schedule by language shows: English-Special 0030-0100 UTC (Middle East
and Asia) 1548 1575 7215 9890 11760 15185 15290 17735 17820 ---
0130-0200 UTC# (Caribbean and Latin America) 7405 9775 13740 [# probably
means Tue-Sat]--- 1500-1530 UTC (Asia) 6110 9760 9845 12040 15460 ---
1530-1600 UTC (Asia) 1575 6110 9760 9845 12040 15460 --- 1600-1700 UTC
(Africa) 13600 15445 17895 --- 1900-2000 UTC (Middle East and South
Asia) 9785 12015 13640 --- 2300-2330 UTC (Asia) 6045 7130 7140 9545
11925 15395 --- 2330-2400 UTC (Asia) 6045 7140 9535 9545 9760 11805
15205 15395 --- While I was at it, I checked for info on VOA Creole
broadcasts, which continue to be heard on 17565 at 1730-1800 and
2200-2230, the frequency which has stopped carrying V. of Greece relay
between them. The site has a history and description in English of each
language service. Creole features ``News in Verse'' on the Friday
morning broadcast. That should be fun, and perhaps comprehensible to
those speaking standard French.  Creole 1230-1300 UTC Mon-Fri 9525 9670
15305 --- 1730-1800 UTC 15305 15385 17565 --- 2200-2230 UTC 9670 17565
21485 --- (Glenn Hauser, OK/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-56, Nov. 19)

U S A- Dear Glenn, Pleased to report new programs on WBCQ-The Planet.
Planet Lavender starts Nov 27, [Sat] 2200-2300 utc; it's an oldies music
program for lesbians and gay men. Radio Detective starts Fri Nov 26,
2230-2300 utc, featuring talk of old radios, programs and some music of
the period of radio's golden age (1930's). Regeneration airs Sunday
2230-2300 utc and features music and political commentary in a very
entertaining way.  We have tested our second transmitter and it runs
excellent. The new 700 foot rhombic operates very well also. We have the
option with this transmitter to run very clean AM or SSB. The latter, at
certain times, we shall be using during the testing period. Currently we
are searching out a frequency in the 31 meter band and as soon as one is
found, we will be testing daily and in the evenings EST. Have one
religious programmer who wants most of the time on WBCQ - Two, but it is
not confirmed at this time. If he does not want the time I will search
elsewhere. As soon as I know a frequency, I will pass it along. Cheers,
(Allan Weiner, Nov 19 / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-56, Nov. 19)

U S A- The annual Ignobel Prize Awards, which are a laugh riot,
especially for those with some scientific background, will be broadcast
Friday, Nov 27 (as usual the day after TG), on NPR's Talk of the Nation
/ Science Friday. We heard a promo during the second hour this Friday,
but can't be sure which part it will appear in; original airing at
1906-2059 UT. As I recall this also appears on CBC's Quirks & Quarks,
not necessarily the same week (Glenn Hauser / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT
99-57, Nov. 20)

U S A- Will he confirm or deny that in the first two weeks of November,
until we brought it to their attention, 17705 was GR and 17565 was DL?
(gh / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-57, Nov. 20) --- Dan Ferguson replies
Nov. 19:  Is, was, is no more, but some day shall be. 17565 started the
B99 schedule from Greenville, beamed south. The transmitter that carried
it is broken & will be out of service for a while. Thus, its
disappearance. Now, to make those happy who think it should be at
Delano, it will be, starting 11/21. Barring other changes, when the
Greenville transmitter returns to service, then 17565 will return to
Greenville. (via hard-core-dx / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-57, Nov.
20) --- Is that clear? I suppose this implies that our method of
comparing satellite delays to differentiate GR from DL is still valid
(Hauser / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-57, Nov. 20)

U S A- Notes from Al Weiner Worldwide on WBCQ, UT Sat Nov 20 at 0100 on
7415: Already updating Al's info directly to us in 99-56 is a different
day for Radio Detective, which starts Nov 30. It will be on Tuesdays
instead of Fridays at 2230. That is because the previously given time
has been reclaimed by Helen in Milwaukee for her Pagan Potpourri show.
Al thought she had cancelled (and indeed we heard the Nov 19 show which
was a repeat of her first show several weeks ago) so according to the
usual policy re-sold the time on a first-come-first-serve basis. She
should have a new show at her old time starting next week. If it comes
back, The Album Zone will be Sat 2100-2200 UT. This Saturday, Radio
5-1-0 will run at 2230-2300. This Saturday a new Radio TimTron Worldwide
will run at 2200-2300 [there seems to be a conflict here; maybe meant
5-1-0 at 2130? -gh], but from next Saturday that hour will be occupied
by Planet Lavender and TimTron will shift to 2300, perhaps temporarily
before changing again, and in turn what is left of Saturday Morning
Confusion may be appearing in the first hour of Tom and Darrell Sunday
0500.  Allan said that tests of WBCQ-2 on 31 meters may begin in a
couple of weeks. Crystals will be ordered once this is authorized. Plans
to operate the rhombic bi-directionally, toward Mexico City and Europe
at the same time (Glenn Hauser/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-57, Nov. 20)

U S A-  Greenville is standing by to substitute for the BBC/DW Antigua
relay if needed and Hurricane Lenny hits Antigua (Kim Elliott, VOA
Communications World Nov 20 / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-57, Nov. 20) ---
And maybe Bonaire too, which last time took over BBC 5975, 6195 for a
while (Hauser / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-57, Nov. 20)

U S A-  This info came in at the last minute - there wasn't time to send
out a message with the full QSL info, but here it is: --- A test is
tentatively scheduled from WMIB-1660 Marco Island, Florida for Sunday,
November 21, from 12 midnight to 4:00am EST (late Saturday night).
[Sunday 0500-0900 UT] If on, the test will be running 10,000 watts and
will feature 60's Top 40 and r&b. Reports may be sent to:  Phil Beckman,
Engineer WMIB-WODX 1112 North Collier Boulevard Marco Island, Florida
34145 (Lynn Hollerman, IRCA, etc., etc. / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-57,
Nov. 20)

U S A-  Radio Hall of Fame. Several posters to the NRC-AM newsgroup
think it will be at 0200 UT Sunday, and from  Chicago not only on WGN
but also WLS 890 (Hauser / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-57, Nov. 20)

U S A-  Hugh Down's Last 'Perspectives' This Weekend: When Hugh Downs
retired from ABC TV in Oct., he continued to do Perspectives for
November. But this week's show announced that this was his last (he has
other ventures he's into). Next week's (Thanksgiving weekend) show will
be another 'best of' Downs commentaries. This is the supposed ram for
the on demand  version (won't work on Web TV's RA 3.0 Player; this
week's show may not be posted yet) <
http://play.rbn.com/?abcradio/radionews/demand/perspective.ra > I once
found a link to Perspectives here --ABC Radio  (couldn't today):  <
http://broadcast.go.com/radio/talk/index.html > [I know WMAL re-airs it
at like 4AM Sun or Mon]. (Chet Copeland/Wash DC / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT
99-57, Nov. 20)

USA- In order to avoid interference from Radio Norway on 7465 kHz,
WRMI's North, American service has moved from 7460 to 7385 kHz daily
from 0200-0930 UTC (0300-0800 on UTC Sunday and Monday). Most
programming on this new frequency is in English, except for the Radio
Prague relays in Spanish and Czech daily from 0300-0400 UTC. Radio
Prague's English relay can be heard daily at 0400-0430. Other programs
on 7385 kHz include "Scream of the Butterfly" (sponsored by Universal
Radio) at 0500-0600 UTC Sunday, AWR's "Wavescan" DX program at 0830-0900
UTC Tuesday, and "Viva Miami" at 0900-0930 UTC Tuesday-Friday.  WRMI
will broadcast a special program (in Spanish) to mark the anniversary of
the Venezuelan DX club "Club Diexistas de la Amistad" (CDXA) at
2330-0000 UTC Nov. 26 on 9955 kHz, with repeats at 0130-0200 UTC Nov. 27
on 9955, and 0430-0500 UTC Nov. 27 on 7385 kHz. The program, called
"America en Antena," was produced by the CDXA and will be broadcast on
local radio in Barinas and Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela. (White, USA)

U S A-  For the record, the Radio Hall of Fame broadcast was in fact UT
Sun Nov 21 at 0300-0400 on WGN 720 Chicago, among others. We just
listened to a tape of this well-produced hour, mostly above the Mexican.
Casey Kasem in an opening retrospective of WW II leading up to induction
of Kate Smith even mentioned shortwave and my birthday. Read all about
it at < http://www.radiohof.org >as Jim Bohannon plugged. It was
preceded by a repeat of WGN's Diamond Anniversary special, scheduled for
7 pm, but not actually starting until 0113 UT. Annoying about WGN: you
never know how long the newscasts will be, hence when other programming
will start (Glenn Hauser, OK)

VIETNAM- VOV's English at 1230 was coming in well Nov 16 on 9840, better
than //12020, including report on floods in central Vietnam, 1245 press
review, 1250 on rights of the child in Vietnam; only significant music
was fill at 1253-1257* sounding like a saw. Reception was quite choppy,
complementing the Vietnamese accent which was heavier from the woman
announcer than the man, making her the harder to understand (Glenn
18) --- [Note: I mentioned this item on WOR, but not in such detail, as
often the case in comparing what I say with what I write here... ---GH]

WALES - [non]. Wales Radio, International, confirmed at new time and
frequency Nov 13, UT Sat 0300 on 9735 starting with usual Merlin
promotion (Glenn Hauser, OK/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-53, Nov 14)


Join me for the "SOUTH PACIFIC DX REPORT" on Radio New Zealand
International, HCJB, AWR, and NZ's Radio Reading Service - ZLXA. Full
details available from the South Pacific DX Resource web-site: <
http://radiodx.com/spdxr > Or you can listen to RNZI's "Mailbox" here:
< http://www.audionet.co.nz/ranz.html  >(Paul Ormandy, New Zealand)

DXING WITH CUMBRE - Frequencies are in kHz; times are UTC. Programs are
approximately 30 minutes long WHRI ANGEL I (Americas/Caribbean) Sat 0600
7315 --- Sat 0830 7315 --- Sat 1330 15105 --- Sat 2330 9495 --- Sun 1500
15105 --- Sun 1600 15105 --- WHRI ANGEL II (Eur/Mideast/Afr/Rus/N Am)
Sat 0600 5745 --- Sat 0830 5745 --- Sat 1530 6040 --- Sat 1900 13760 ---
Sun 0400 5745 --- Sun 0530 5745 ---  Sun 1530 6040 --- KWHR ANGEL III
(Asia) Sat 0300 17510 --- Sat 0600 17780 --- Sun 0000 17510 --- Sun 0200
7580 --- Sun 0600 17780 --- Sun 1830 9930 --- KWHR ANGEL IV (South
acific) Sat 0800 11565 --- Sun 1300 11565 (frequency change) --- WHRA
ANGEL V (Africa/Mideast) (may also be audible for many WHRI listeners)
(Fri 2300 7580 has been replaced by Chuck Harder at 2305 UTC) Sat 0230
7580 --- Sat 0800 11565 --- Sat 0930 11565 --- Sat 2230 17650 --- Sun
0930 11565 --- The program may be heard on Real Audio whenever it is on
shortwave at the World Harvest website <http://www.whr.org>. Also, it is
audible on demand at the Cumbre DX website; the URL for it is
<http://www.cumbredx.org>. A number of programs you may have missed or
would like to hear again are archived at the Cumbre DX site, too. The
postal address for shortwave reception reports: World Harvest Radio P.O.
Box 12, South Bend IN 46624 U.S.A. The postal address for the  DXing
with Cumbre program: Marie Lamb c/o WAER Radio 215 University Place
Syracuse NY 13244-2110 U.S.A.  E-mail or postal mail is fine for most
purposes to send information to the show, but if you must fax something
for the program, please use the WAER fax number at +1 315 443-2148, and
mark the fax to the attention of Marie Lamb.  Thanks for listening and
contributing, as always! 73--Marie Lamb, DXing with Cumbre

NOVEMBER 24, 1999  Days and times strictly UT.  RFPI on 21460-USB
expected to be inactive most of November and USB frequency may be
different when it returns; nominal times still shown. 15049 may also be
turned off in the 0600-1200 period.  Wed 1730 COM RFPI 21460-USB
15049 --- Wed 2200 WOR WBCQ 7415 --- Thu 0930 COM RFPI 15049 --- Thu
2130 WOR WWCR 9475 [15685 in Nov and Mar] --- Fri 1900 COM RFPI
21460-USB 15049 --- Fri 1930 WOR RFPI 21460-USB 15049 --- Sat 0300 COM
RFPI 15049 6975 --- Sat 0330 WOR RFPI 15049 6975 --- Sat 1100 COM RFPI
15049 6975 --- Sat 1130 WOR RFPI 15049 6975 --- Sat 1230 WOR WWCR
15685 --- Sat 1730 COM RFPI 21460-USB 15049 --- Sat 1800 WOR RFPI
21460-USB 15049 --- Sat 2030 WOR WWCR 12160 --- Sun 0130 COM RFPI
21460-USB 15049 6975 --- Sun 0200 WOR RFPI 21460-USB 15049 6975 --- Sun
0330 WOR WWCR 5070 --- Sun 0730 WOR WWCR 5070 --- Sun 0930 COM RFPI
15049 6975 --- Sun 1000 WOR RFPI 15049 6975 --- Sun 2300 WOR RFPI
21460-USB 15049 --- Mon 0131 WOR WWCR 3215 --- Mon 0601 WOR WWCR
3210 --- Mon 0700 WOR RFPI 15049 6975 --- Tue 1330 WOR WWCR 15685 ---
Tue 1900 WOR RFPI 21460-USB 15049 --- Tue 2000 COM RFPI 21460-USB
15049 --- Wed 0300 WOR RFPI 21460-USB 15049 6975 --- Wed 0400 COM RFPI
15049 6975 --- Wed 1100 WOR RFPI 15049 --- For complete details on all
our broadcasts, including WRN satellite and internet, and in Spanish see
< http://www.angelfire.com/ok/worldofradio >Regards, Glenn Hauser


This from the NOAA homepage
(http://www.noaanews.noaa.gov/stories/s317.htm ) NEW NOAA SPACE WEATHER
the sun revs up for Solar Max, a time of intense solar activity, we can
look forward to increasingly turbulent space weather. Today NOAA
introduced the first-ever scales designed to characterize the severity
and impact of upcoming solar storms on  public safety and services.
(Click images for larger view.) "NOAA's new scales are the Richter
scales of space weather. For the first time, we can predict the impact
of solar storms, and these storms may be a real Y2K problem," said Dr. D
. James Baker, under secretary for oceans and atmosphere and NOAA
administrator. "When Solar Maximum occurs, the sun bursts at its seams
with explosive power, and as it churns there is potential for electrical
power outages, radio problems, and the disabling of satellites. This can
disrupt communications, including broadcast transmissions and pagers,"
Baker said. As the period during the 11-year solar cycle when the sun is
most active, Solar Maximum brings an increase in the number and
intensity of solar storms and their effects. Space storms, radiation
showers, aurora borealis, and affects on power grids and Global
Positioning System navigation and other systems are all expected during
the upcoming Solar Max period, which is expected to last about three
years. Already there is an increase in solar activity as the world
approaches another Solar Maximum. As we get farther into Solar Cycle 23,
expectations are that the sun will continue to rev up. Each time there
is a solar event, NOAA's National Weather Service includes information
on the event in its transmission of weather data. Working like the
Richter scale for earthquakes, NOAA's new space weather scales describe
the intensity and frequency of three kinds of solar events: geomagnetic
storms, solar radiation storms and radio blackouts. "The scales are a
giant step forward in informing the public about the severity of these
events and their expected consequences," said Dr. Ernie Hildner,
director of NOAA's Space Environment Center in Boulder, Colorado.
Hildner said that physical measurements on the scales will help the
scientific and operations communities consistently identify the
intensity of solar events. Solar storms can vary, with some equivalent
to a thunderstorm on Earth, while others may be more severe, with
intensity similar to a hurricane or tornado. Satellite expert David
Desrocher, a senior engineer at The Aerospace Corporation in Colorado
Springs, Colorado, said that, "NOAA's new space weather scales will
significantly aid the space industry in anticipating events,
understanding effects, and developing more robust satellite designs and
mitigation strategies." John Kappenman, a senior engineer at Metatech in
Duluth, Minn., explained that space storms can impact the operational
reliability of electrical transmission systems world-wide. "The previous
solar cycle demonstrated just how seriously the power industry needs to
consider the potential impacts of geomagnetic storms," Kappenman said.
One of the strongest impacts occurred during the last solar cycle in
1989, when the entire Province of  Quebec went dark because a
geomagnetic storm caused power lines to overload. NOAA's Space
Environment Center in  Boulder is responsible for issuing warnings,
watches and forecasts of the space environment and potential impacts on
Earth. The Center continuously monitors the solar environment with a
complex array of ground-based observations and satellites operated by
NOAA and its national and international partners. (via Al Quaglieri,

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