Re: [HCDX]: Something Strange on 1350 kHz
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Re: [HCDX]: Something Strange on 1350 kHz

Tonight I was listening to the soup at 1350 kHz when I heard the >following fade in:

-- "this is 850 KOA", then some sports scores

No, you're not going out of your mind. KOA is on 850, heh.

You were listening on 1350, so that's 500 kHz away.  What stations
are in your area?  Could you possibly be getting mixing that
would produce 850 on 1350?  In my area (Kansas City) I get a VERY
strong image of KCRO-660 in Omaha, mixing with WHB-810 and both
show up around 1620, which is 2 x 810.  Why I would get an image
from 660, hundreds of miles away, is a mystery.

Or, even simpler:  You were hearing a station that was carrying
some sports program and the station just forgot to take their local
cut-in, meaning you heard the KOA ID fed down the line.  I've had
that happen before on both radio and TV.  Sorry, no.  It doesn't
count for a "new station" I don't believe, heh heh heh.

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