[HCDX]: Nov 27/28 log
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[HCDX]: Nov 27/28 log

Hi all,

it´s been a very busy week, but today I´m back at the radios. And it seems
I picked a good day, with the A-Index at 3 and Solar Flux at around 170.
Anyway, South Asia seemed to rock all day. And tonight I had an 'Almost All
India Radio' night... ;-)

NEPAL 5005 Radio Nepal 1405-1430, Nepali/English, traditional Newar music
from Bakhtapur, at 1415 time pips and into English with 'This is Radio
Nepal, the news read by Kumar Shrestra', at 1427 back to Nepali and news
again, fair signal on clear channel (Roth Nov 27)

INDIA 4990 AIR Guwahati 1434-1450, Hindi, film songs and ads, // with 4970,
first time that I heard Itanagar and Shillong with the same programming,
fair signal with slight fading (Roth Nov 27)

INDIA 4920 AIR Chennai 1455-1510, Hindi, end of a play based on the
'Ramayana', on the hour 'All India Radio He', short music bridge and
'Akashvani Madras', then into news, weak to fair signal with some fading
(Roth Nov 27)

INDIA 4760 AIR Port Blair 2350-0010, Hindi, folk songs, on the hour
'Akashvani Port Blair' and news, rather weak with fading and occasional
strong peaks (Roth Nov 27/28)

NEPAL 5005 Radio Nepal 0015-0020, Nepali, news about nine leftist parties
submitting a memorandum to Prime Minister Krishna Prasad Bhattarai with
demands to withdraw his recent decision to raise prices for basic
commodities, if their demands are not met they threaten nation-wide
strikes, none of this was mentioned in the afternoon English news  (my
two-pence on this - in a country that founded a 'Ministry of Strikes' in
1997 this threat isn´t going to impress anyone. They´re just going to sit
it out and laugh their collective heads off. Since the inauguration of the
Ministry, they OK each and every 'strike' and seem to have gotten what they
wanted: the general public is just tired of all these strikes and doesn´t
give a damn. If no strike is submitted for some time, I wouldn´t be
surprised if they payed some people to come up with something...), (Roth
Nov 28)

INDIA 5010 AIR Thiruvanantapuram 0020-0030, Hindi, s/on with 'All India
Radio He' and frequency announcements for medium- and shortwave,
instrumental folk music, very good signal marred only by a weak het
slightly off frequency and occasional RTTY QRM (Roth Nov 28)

INDIA 4840 AIR Mumbay 0032-0045, Hindi, short announcements and devotional
vocal music, fair signal with slow fading (Roth Nov 28)

INDIA 4800 AIR Hyderabad 0045-0105, Hindi, non-stop traditional music,
'Akashvani Hyderabad' at 0058, good signal with occasional rapid fading
(Roth Nov 28)

PAKISTAN 4790 Azad Kashmir Radio 0107-0115, Kashmiri, repeated mention of
General Pervez Musharraf, Nawas Sharif and Islamabad, probably something to
do with Sharif´s trial, good signal (Roth Nov 28)

73 de Thomas
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