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[HCDX]: DX news

DX news by Daniele Canonica, SWITZERLAND
RX JRC 535 with 30 meter of LW antenna and MLB

28, nov. 1999

New Tips:

NEPAL Radio Nepal 5005 1615-1635 local male voice, with chant and
istrumental music, clear ID, very good signal (SIO 343) (Canonica,

MYANMAR Radio Myanmar (presumed) 5985.5 1443-1452 male and female
voice in english, very low signal, at 1452 stopped by Tirana
(Canonica, Nov. 27)

MADAGASKAR RTV Malagasy 5009.5 1726-1733 african pop mx, male voice in
local language, good signal (SIO 333) (Canonica, Nov. 27)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA NBC port Moresby 1903-1940 male voice in english,
"...welcome to..Papua Nacional Broadcasting Radio...", very low but
without interference (SIO 142) (Canonica, Nov. 27)

UNID 3380 2352-0010 music with extreme fades (S7 to 0), no ID, any
ideas? (Canonica, Nov. 27)

73' Daniele.

Best regards from:
Daniele Canonica
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