[HCDX]: Fana QSL and schedule
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[HCDX]: Fana QSL and schedule

Received after only 27 days a f/d new QSL-card (green) via registered letter 
for 1 US$. Enclosed was a Transmission Time Schedule (1080 kHz, 6210 kHz, 
6940 kHz). All times are local times!
Weekdays:                           Weekends:
06.30-07.30 in Amharic                  06.30-08.30 in Oromiffa
07.30-08.30 in Oromiffa                 08.30-10.30 in Amharic
12.00-13.00 in Amharic                  -----
13.00-14.00 in Oromiffa                 -----
18.00-20.00 in Amharic                  15.00-18.00 in Oromiffa
20.00-22.00 in Oromiffa                 18.00-21.00 in Amharic
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