Re: [HCDX]: Radio WEST soon on 1503 kHz?
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Re: [HCDX]: Radio WEST soon on 1503 kHz?

>as I have already written to this list, an UNID transmitter with AFN
>programming has been testing on November 13-14, 1999 on 1503 kHz for abour
>24 hours. I know of at least 5 people that heard it (incl. me). The signal
>was coming from south-east (Macedonia or Albania?).
>Now I have been informed that a station called RADIO WEST should appear in
>the air "very soon". With a support of RAI Italy it should broadcast (24 h a
>day) for the whole territory of Kosovo in Albanian, Serbian and Italian
>languages. Programs will be for civilians and armed forces in the area.
>So it really seems we heard this transmitter testing with an AFN
>Karel Honzik
>the Czech Republic

According to Italian newspapers and television news a Radio Station called
RADIO WEST started transmitting on FM in Kosovo some months ago. The
station is supported by RAI and by the Italian peacekeeping force and
transmits both in Italian and in Albanian.

Flavio Giacomozzi
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