RE: [HCDX]: UNID Andean station on 6522 kHz.
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RE: [HCDX]: UNID Andean station on 6522 kHz.

Dear Mark:

Today I listen the station is from Peru, but Idon't listen a clear ID only
time checks a lot of  huaynos and Radio Sistemas del Peru, Radio Surcos,  25
anos junto a Ud,  listen also the announce of  frequency but very weak, I
listen a strong Utility Communication station in the same channel point to
point at 0103* no carrier listen from 0010 UTC

Nicolas Eramo

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Subject: [HCDX]: UNID Andean station on 6522 kHz.

> Hello,
> Last night, while chatting on IRC #swl, Jay Novello and I heard a Andean
> station on 6522 kHz. This was Nov. 28, shortly after 0000 UTC. We have not
> been able to identify this station. The station had typical Andean
> programming. It doens't seem to be on tonight.
> Any ideas?
> 73',
> Mark Veldhuis.
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