Re: [HCDX]: un-id FM reception .. N America to Europe?
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Re: [HCDX]: un-id FM reception .. N America to Europe?

Hi All:

        The recording was definitely from an area which has Channel 6 in North America. This is the only tv audio frequency that overlaps FM on our side of the pond.

At 03:41 AM 1999-12-01 +0000, you wrote:
I recorded a short reception burst of audio on 87.7 MHz on Monday morning from here in London, UK.

I'd be very grateful for second opinions on what it might be.

Date : 29 Nov 1999
Time : 1115 UTC
Freq : 87.7 MHz ... or 87.65 87.75

I've set up a web page whch links to the audio recordings in several formats.

As I say, if it is anything like it sounds, it'll be very interesting.

Mark Hattam
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