[HCDX]: 12140 USB Signal
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[HCDX]: 12140 USB Signal

Hello Gang:I have joined the hunt for 12140 USB.I monitored South Pacific frequencies Dec 1,yes there is a very weak station on that frequency.Heard here 0647 onward,no ideas?.Very strange conditions here/there local morning several Indos faded up very nicely,VL8T prior to their 0830 frequency switch to 2325 kHz.PNG Port Moresby blazing in on 4890.I will contact Don Moman,who has a dream DX site with 14 towers,one 6-30 mHz Log Periodic.I'll let you know Don's observations.Conditions should repeat O600 onward.Good Luck.Good DX.

                                           Joe Talbot
                                     North 52 16 8 West 113 48 46

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