Re: [HCDX]: UNID second "France" 1206 kHz
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Re: [HCDX]: UNID second "France" 1206 kHz

>> Yesterday morning I checked some French stationsoften had another
>> French underneath: 819 Sudradio, 711 Rennes, 162 Allouis etc.
>> First I thought of Algeria/Morocco or Euzcadi with some French on 819.
>> However, all stations underneath were images of other frequencies:
>> eg. 216 with (strong) images of 183 is the typical 'Luxemburg' effect
>> of stations between the transmitter and the receiver modulating its
>> signals onto the original station's signals. With 1206 originating
>> from Bordeaux there are some stations in between - I think it was
>> Europe 2 as well.

>>Joachim Stiller, Germany

>Some years ago, I noticed a similar effect on Sottens 765 kHz. I was also
>convinced that I heard Europe _2_ although they are, as far as I know, not
>on MW or LW .  At other times the underneath signal was clearly // to 183
>kHz.  Has Europe 2 something to do with Europe 1 ?

Joachim and Guido,
I do not think it was the same or similar effect what I heard. The signal of
the weak French speaking station was independent of Radio Bleue, I mean that
fadings were different. It could be adventageous, of course, but despite I
heard it already three times, I was not lucky yet on a deep fade-out of the
stronger station and a strong fade-in of the weaker one at the same time.
But French is sure and the signal is not // LW 162 nor RFI. I always hear
them only talking. I will be looking for other possible parallels...


Karel Honzik
the Czech Republic

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