Re: [HCDX]: UNID second "France" 1206 kHz
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Re: [HCDX]: UNID second "France" 1206 kHz

Hi Karel,

At 09:38 01.12.99 +0100, you wrote:
>Joachim and Guido,
>I do not think it was the same or similar effect what I heard. The signal of
>the weak French speaking station was independent of Radio Bleue, I mean that
>fadings were different. It could be adventageous, of course, but despite I
>heard it already three times, I was not lucky yet on a deep fade-out of the
>stronger station and a strong fade-in of the weaker one at the same time.
>But French is sure and the signal is not // LW 162 nor RFI. I always hear
>them only talking. I will be looking for other possible parallels...

There is another possibility however it is only hypothetically:

It's the second harmonic of 603 kHz. Now there is Radio Bleue too but there
is at certain times a local programme from Radio France Lyon. H. Boel
listed for this broadcast 1700-1800 UTC. I tuned in today (Dec. 2) during
this time but there was Radio Bleue, so perheaps the local programme
changed the broadcast time.

A curious thing happened while I tuned in to 1206. At 1805 after a jingle
Radio Bleue went suddenly off the air. I checked 603 and there was also no
more R. Bleue, other frequencies like 837, 1494, 1557 kHz remained on the
air. On 1206 I heard then a weak signal of Reshet B from Israel.

Erich Bergmann, Ansbach
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