Re: [HCDX]: Mystery on 12140
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Re: [HCDX]: Mystery on 12140

>Heard again signals this morning on 12140 usb. The signal faded in at 0708,
>at which time a few English words spoken by a male person could be
>understood. There was also some talk by YL (too weak to understand). At
>faint music could be heard. The signal became weaker and completely
>disappeared about 0716.

Hi -
an 8 minutes long window, that is something!

Be aware during the next days as some disturbed conditions are expected.
Then the southern paths should be improved.

I am staying outside this discussion because our local noise does not allow
me to hear very weak signals unless I go some 10 Kms outside to the forests
and meadows. Over there I can hear the grass grow... (But it is cold outside
now, slightly above the water freezing point)...

That reminds of something ..... but I will write an extra file on it.


Karel Honzik,
the Czech Republic

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