[HCDX]: Winter DXing in a car
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[HCDX]: Winter DXing in a car

maybe somebody could bring his advice how to provide a winter-DXing in a car
without freezing.
Our friends in the southern hemisphere can now laugh about it as they are
looking for another hot summer, but it is different in our part of the

My experience is: when the engine is running, the electric noise makes DXing
impossible (at least in my car) and when the engine is off, soon it becomes
cold inside. I know there exists a special portable heating equipment
designed for cars. Does anybody use it and can describe it? I only know that
such a stuff is a bit dangerous as it consumes oxygen inside the car. But
for short time periods (1 or 2 hours) it maybe could be OK.
Does anybody know more? Thanks.


Karel Honzik
the Czech Republic in central Europe where another winter is just starting

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