[HCDX]: IRCA's AM DX NewsFlash - 12/2/99
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[HCDX]: IRCA's AM DX NewsFlash - 12/2/99

         WELCOME TO IRCA's AM-DX NEWSFLASH  -  December 2 1999
                          Vol 5  No 35

                   IRCA's web site... check it out!!


Deadline for next issue = WEDNESDAY, December 22 1999 @ 1400 UTC

 Send all contributions to me @ philip_bytheway@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

"**" denotes that the tip/info/etc. came from the IRCA egroup, and you 
must be a member of IRCA to subscribe to the egroup at 
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CONVENTION - MEETING INFO (corrections/additions welcome)

 CPC DX tests


CPC Chairperson (IRCA) - Lynn Hollerman - gmhollerman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

     12/20/99 Mon - 0000-0020 -  740 - WJIB - Cambridge MA (NRC)
      1/ 1/00 Sat - 0300-???? - 1420 - KSTN - Stockton CA (IRCA)
      1/ 9/00 Sun - 0030-0045 - 1500 - WFIF - Milford CT (IRCA)

A rescheduled DX test from WMIB-1660 in Marco Island, Florida was 
scheduled for Sunday morning, November 28 from 12 Midnight to 4:00 am 
EST. The test was supposed to be conducted with 10,000 watts and 
featured 60's pop and r&b.  

Reports may be sent to :
Phil Beckman, Engineer
1112 North Collier Boulevard
Marco Island FL 34145

E-Mail: wmib@xxxxxxxxx

Monday, December 20, 1999 - WJIB-740, Cambridge, MA will conduct a DX 
test from 12:01-12:20 am EST. Owner Bob Bittner says they'll be playing 
"a specific type of music during those 20 minutes, which will be a 
mystery for all DXers to identify (an easy identification), and unique 
to whatever else is on the dial."

Reception reports may be sent to:
Mr. Bob Bittner
P.O. Box 848
Needham Heights Br
Boston, MA 02194
 (Arranged by Blaine Thompson for the NRC CPC.)

Saturday, January 1, 2000 - KSTN-1420, Stockton, CA will conduct a DX 
test from 12:00 am - ? am PST (3:00 am - ? EST). Request line - 
(209)948-1420 - will be open to go on the air with New Year's greetings. 
The format will be '70s disco music.  There will be a prize drawing from 
all reports received for a souvenir piece of the transmitter.  

Reception reports may be sent to:
Mr. Paul Shinn
Chief Engineer
2171 Ralph Avenue
Stockton, CA 95206

E-mail: KSTN@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
 (Arranged by Lynn Hollerman for the IRCA CPC.)

Sunday, January 9, 2000 - WFIF-1500, Milford, CT will conduct a DX test 
from 12:30 am - 12:45 am EST. The test will include tones, voice IDs, 
and Morse code IDs. Also note, International DX reports will ONLY be 
replied to via E-MAIL. For Domestic US reports only, they *MUST* include 
a SASE. Again, INTERNATIONAL reports will *ONLY* be responded to via E-

Reception reports may be sent to:
Mr. William Barnett
WFIF Radio
90 Kay Ave.
Milford, CT 06460

E-mail: WFIF@xxxxxxx
WWW: http://www.lifechangingradio.com

If you hear a test, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know, via either e-mail or in 
rec.radio.shortwave! And if you send a reception report to a station, 
please remember to include return postage with your report...




Sheldon Harvey - ve2shw@xxxxxxxxx

November 25, 1999

   Following up the information regarding the tape loops appearing on 
690 kHz. for Info 690 and on 940 kHz. For 940 News, both in Montreal, 
just as quickly as they appeared, the tape loops have disappeared.
   I have been checking various sources to find out what happened. 
Apparently MetroMedia CMR, the company which owns the two AM radio 
outlets, may have run afoul of Industry Canada.
   According to information obtained, first regarding 940 News, the 
station was quoting new call letters in their tape loop of CKNN. 
According to CRTC and Industry Canada, there was no authorization for 
this call change from CIQC.
   In the case of Info 690, their tape loop included no call letters, at 
any time, illegal by CRTC and Industry Canada guidelines.
   And, in the case of both stations, according to Industry Canada, a 
message should have been included in both 690 and 940 tape loops, giving 
addresses, telephone numbers, etc. where the stations could be reached 
in the event that listeners were experiencing reception problems, or 
interference problems. This was not done.
   Although not yet confirmed officially by either the CRTC or Industry 
Canada, it seems that the tape loops were put on the air without proper 
   There is now also speculation that the two stations were not, in 
fact, operating from the old CBC transmitter site in the 
Brossard/Laprairie region. It is possible that the transmissions were 
coming from the existing 600 and 850 sites, but this is yet to be 
confirmed. Whether or not this is true, it is possible that the test 
were being conducted without the knowledge of the CRTC and Industry 
Canada, and as a result the operations were shut down. 
   I am awaiting further detailled information on the situation. For 
now, both 690 and 940 kHz. in Montreal are once again silent. I will 
forward more information as it becomes available.

Thursday, November 25, 1999 4:46 PM

   The tape loop has returned on 940 kHz. as of now, 7:30 PM EST. (Don't 
know when it started). It is the same tape loop, except for one major 
change. The new call letters, CKNN (unofficial) have been dropped, and a 
special announcement has been inserted, IDing the station as MetroMedia 
CMR Broadcasting Inc. broadcasting from Montreal on 940 kHz. They are 
asking you to report any reception problems, such as interference or 
noise, to telephone number 450-677-0850, Extension 286.

Nothing heard again yet from 690 kHz.


Bob Pietsch - Foster City, CA - marbob@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

   I drove past Moffet Field today and heard the new TIS on 1700 for the 
Ames Reasearch Center of NASA. For anyone who has them logged, they are 
announcing their call letters are WPPT201. They are still apparently in 
a test mode.




Pat Martin - Seaside OR - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

1090  KMPS  WA, SEATTLE ex KRPM, w/ Classic Country and ID at 0600 EST 
       12/2 "Classic Countrty KMPS - Seattle" ID. (PM-OR)
1110  KLIB  CA, Roseville heard w/good signals relaying UPN-Ch 31 "Good 
       Day Sacramento" morning news program with UPN-31s spots and also 
       spots about running block programming on KLIB. On top of KBND at 
       1100 EST 12/1. (PM-OR)
1300  KYNO  CA FRESNO, now SS  with "Radio Guadelope" IDs and EE ID at 
       1901 EST 11/25 "KYNO, 1300 AM, Fresno" Back into SS pgming, ex 
       Sport format. (PM-OR)
1350  KBID  CA, BAKERSFIELD, good on top with NOS format w/ID  at "KBID 
       AM 1350" at 1948 EST 11/25. New and surprised to hear this!
1470  KRAK  CA SACRAMENTO, good on top with "Gold Country, 1470 KRAK" at 
       1954 EST 11/25. Good AU CX. (PM-OR)
1640  KPBC  OR, LAKE OSWEGO hrd w/ new calls, ex KKJY, still rel, 
       Crawford BCers, IDing as "12-90 KKSL & 16-40 KPBC" at 1700 EST 
       12/1. (PM-OR)
1660  WQSN  MI, KALAMAZOO, hrd w/Sports talk at 0359.50 EST  12/2, 
       u/KXOL OC. Very poor CX. (PM-OR)

Drake R8, Term. EWE Antenna, 1500' Term. Eastern Beverage, 900' NNW 
Beverage Term.


Mika Mäkeläinen - mika@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

   The 132nd DXpedition to Lemmenjoki in Finland is now over. From 
November 15th to 22nd 1999, Mika Makelainen and Jim Solatie scanned the 
AM band, using the ultimate DXing hardware in our traditional location, 
above the Arctic Circle.
   The DXpedition was relatively successful despite the rather high 
solar activity. The most interesting part was listening to Asian 
stations in the afternoons. Several stations, which have never before 
been logged in Finland nor elsewhere in Europe, were identified. Aside 
from the "normal" catch, our log also contains some interesting split 
frequencies, new unlisted transmitters and some unidentified stations.

I have posted the DXpedition report at:


Naturally, you may also access it through my website "Freeze! Dxing 
Arctic Style" at:


   By the time you are reading this, another crew is already busy in 
Lemmenjoki. Their comprehensive logs will hardly be published on the 
net. Therefore I hope that this report will offer DXers around the world 
a peek into Finnish DXing and the DXpeditions of the season. I hope you 
enjoy the report and find the log useful. I also hope you will return to 
the site a few months from now, because we have a huge pile of unchecked 
recordings and it is safe to say that dozens of rare stations will be 
added to the log in the weeks and months ahead.
   If you have any information on the stations which we were unable to 
identify, both Jim and I would appreciate your comments. Of course, all 
other comments are welcome as well.


E-MAIL:  saxelrod@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


 640  CFYI  ON Richmond Hill -11/28 2350- Good signals Sports talk 
       programming. Several non ID's as "talk 6-40" or Toronto's talk 
       Station Talk 6-40" or "6-40 Toronto's Talk". Can someone confirm 
       the change of calls. NEW! (SA-MB)
1380  WONO  IN Fort Wayne -11/27 0600- Good signals on top with sports 
       talk programming. ID'ed as WONO Sports Radio 13-80 The Game." 


 850  WAIT  IL Crystal Lake -11/27 1650- Good signals with local ads and 
 850  WRMR  OH Cleveland -11/27 1700- Good signal with WAIT with NOS 
       music and ID. Rare here not heard in long time.(SA-MB)
1380  CKPC  ON Brantford -11/27 0600- Poor signals under WONO with 

Some new ones rolling in. Conditions are improving as the cold air 
settles in. Got our first snow of the year about and inch so no big 


Mark Connelly - MA - WA1ION@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

[Connelly*Y-MA] = South Yarmouth, Cape Cod, MA (GC= 70.20 W / 41.65 N)
(Windmill Park & Beach: River St. at Willow St.)

Homepage = http://members.aol.com/MarkWA1ION/weblink.htm

NF DXpedition Page = http://members.xoom.com/MarkWA1ION/nfdxpage.htm
RF circuit page: http://www.qsl.net/wa1ion/index.html
Receiver: Drake R8A

Antenna systems: 30-m wire (running east), MFJ-1024 active whip, 
Superphaser-1 phasing unit


TA DX was comparatively poor, so I'm just listing the best of each 
continent, though some others were also heard.

 711.04  WESTERN SAHARA  Laayoune, NOV 28 2351 - drumming & flutes; fair 
       to good. [Connelly*Y-MA]
1467  FRANCE  TWR, Roumoules, NOV 28 1950 - religious program hetting 
       WZOU; pre-sunset fade-up. [Connelly*Y-MA]
1521  SAUDI ARABIA  BSKSA, Duba, NOV 28 1952 - AA music and het against 
       WGAM/WTHE/WWKB cluster on 1520. [Connelly*Y-MA]


 526  BAHAMAS  ZLS, Stella Maris, NOV 28 2320 - "ZLS" code beacon; 
       excellent, sounded like 50 kW. [Connelly*Y-MA]
 530  TURKS & CAICOS  R. Vision Cristiana, NOV 28 2320 - SS man 
       mentioned the necessity of spirituality; local-like signal. 
       Daytime groundwave from this is fair at the S. Yarmouth site 
       (distance more than 2200 km). [Connelly*Y-MA]
 535  GRENADA  GBC, St. George's, NOV 28 2321 - US EE preacher mentioned 
       that God will supply all your needs.  Very good signal. 
 550  VENEZUELA  Mundial, YVKE, Caracas, NOV 28 2323 - two Mundial ID's, 
       then salsa music; dominant. [Connelly*Y-MA]
 555  ST. KITTS & NEVIS  ZIZ, Basseterre, NOV 28 2325 - EE talk by 
       woman, then man bellowed through a reverb unit "ZIZ with news 
       from around the world"; fair through YVKE-550 slop with WGAN-560 
       in deep cardioid null to the north. [Connelly*Y-MA]   
 570  CUBA  R. Reloj, NOV 28 2326 - Reloj SS news and time-tick show; 
       over HIMS/WMCA mix. [Connelly*Y-MA]
 570  DOMINICAN REPUBLIC  R. Cristal, HIMS, Santo Domingo, NOV 29 0012 - 
       salsa-merengue group vocal with female lead, then R. Cristal ID; 
       over/under R. Reloj-Cuba with almost no evidence of WMCA. 
 580  DOMINICAN REPUBLIC  R. Monte Cristi, HIAF, Monte Cristi, NOV 28 
       0017 - R. Monte Cristi ID; mixed with WTAG & WKAQ.[Connelly*Y-MA]
 580.7  unID  NOV 29 0009 - slight het here, probably the same station 
       Terry Krueger in FL heard on 580.8. [Connelly*Y-MA]
 590  CUBA  R. Musical Nacional, NOV 28 2330 - Musical Nacional ID in 
       mess with SS religion station, Colombian-style accordion station, 
       others (likely HIDV/YVKL/HJCR blend).  WEZE was totally nulled by 
       phasing and VOCM was weakened by aurora, so the channel became a 
       Latin American shooting gallery. [Connelly*Y-MA]
 590  DOMINICAN REPUBLIC  R. Santa Maria, HIDV, La Vega, NOV 29 0015 - 
       R. Santa Maria ID, mixing with Cuban opera presentation.  WEZE 
       Boston was phase-nulled to oblivion. [Connelly*Y-MA]
 600  CUBA  R. Rebelde, CMKV, Urbano Noris, NOV 28 2333 - huge with SS 
       sports // 1180; over other Latin American. [Connelly*Y-MA]
 600  unID  NOV 28 2334 - salsa music station under Cuba. R. Sucre 
       (Venezuela) and R. Libertad (Colombia) are fairly common here. 
 620  CUBA  R. Rebelde, Colon / Moa, NOV 29 0004 - // 1180 with sporting 
       event; loud. [Connelly*Y-MA]
 627.45  unID  NOV 29 0003 - weak het. [Connelly*Y-MA]
 630  CUBA  R. Progreso, NOV 29 0026 - // 640 with "From a Distance" by 
       Bette Midler; over WSKN/WPRO. [Connelly*Y-MA]
 630  PUERTO RICO  WSKN, San Juan, NOV 28 2336 - baseball game in SS 
       with a lot of interspersed EE words "foul", "cuatro hits", 
       "strike"; excellent, alone on channel. [Connelly*Y-MA]
 640  CUBA  R. Progreso, Guanabacoa / Las Tunas, NOV 29 0026 - Bette 
       Midler song // 630 & other Progreso outlets; over others. 
 650  COLOMBIA  RCN Antena Dos, HJKH, Bogota, NOV 28 2339 - frenzied 
       futbol coverage in SS with a mention of the city of Manizales; 
       loud, way over HIAT. [Connelly*Y-MA]
 660  CUBA  R. Progreso, CMHG, Santa Clara, NOV 28 2340 - // 890 with 
       music, SS talk; good, over WFAN and a jumble of others (probably 
       St. Lucia/YVNA/HJJN). [Connelly*Y-MA]
 670  CUBA  R. Rebelde, CMQ, Arroyo Arenas, NOV 28 2341 - mixed with 
       YVLL; Rebelde ID, SS talk // 1180. [Connelly*Y-MA]
 670  VENEZUELA  R. Rumbos, YVLL, Caracas, NOV 29 0030 - "mejor musica 
       de Venezuela" slogan and R. Rumbos ID; excellent, over Cuba. 
 680  PUERTO RICO  WAPA, San Juan, NOV 28 2345 - feature about an 
       Hispanic musician's life and works, segment of old- time vocal 
       played; huge signal, annihilating WRKO ! [Connelly*Y-MA] 
 690  CUBA  R. Progreso, Jovellanos, NOV 28 2355 - // 890 with men's 
       chorus; excellent.  Aurora pretty much made the new FF Montrealer 
       inaudible. [Connelly*Y-MA]
 700  JAMAICA  RJR, Montego Bay, NOV 28 2313 - splendid local- like 
       signal during detailed newscast.  There was an item about 
       irrigation canals in sugar cane plantations in Clarendon parish 
       ('canals' said with first syllable stressed, unlike in US where 
       second   syllable is).  Next item was about increasing the number 
       of immigration officers at the Montego Bay airport.  An item 
       about a journalism awards banquet and conference followed. 
       Announcer said "You're listening to RJR and it's 13 minutes past 
       6 o'clock", then there was some piano music. [Connelly*Y-MA]
 705  ST. VINCENT & THE GRENADINES  Kingstown, NOV 28 2350 - talk, 
       religious-sounding music; poor in WOR/Cuba-710 slop. 
 730  COLOMBIA (t)  Bogota, HJCU, NOV 29 0034 - "en Bogota" mentions; in 
       jumble. [Connelly*Y-MA]
 750  VENEZUELA  RCR, YVKS, Caracas, NOV 28 2315 - SS discussion 
       mentioning the Venezuelan post office system; strong and dominant 
       signal. [Connelly*Y-MA]
 760  COLOMBIA  RCN, HJAJ, Barranquilla, NOV 28 2352 - // 770 with 
       Colombian sportstalk in SS, then advertising; over Cuba growl. 
 770  COLOMBIA  RCN, HJJX, Bogota, NOV 28 2317 - excited SS talk about 
       sports, the Colombian lottery, and Bogota; huge, totally burying 
       WABC ! [Connelly*Y-MA]
 780  BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS  ZBVI, Roadtown, Tortola, NOV 28 2355 - 
       black gospel music; mixed with SS Latin Americans.[Connelly*Y-MA]
 780  VENEZUELA  R. Coro, YVMN, Coro, NOV 29 0046 - R. Coro jingle, into 
       mellow vocal with synthesizer and piano; excellent. 
 800  NETHERLANDS ANTILLES  Trans-World Radio, PJB, Bonaire, NOV 28 2319 
       - PP religion; alone on channel and louder than most domestics 
       anywhere on the dial. [Connelly*Y-MA]
 820  unID  NOV 29 0047 - AC buzz station still here; is anyone else 
       hearing this mess ? [Connelly*Y-MA]
 830  ST. KITTS & NEVIS  TBN, Basseterre, NOV 29 0044 - // 7510 with EE 
       preaching; way over Reloj-Cuba and salsa station (probable YVLT). 
 840  CUBA  CMHW, Santa Clara, NOV 28 2307 - undoubtedly Dobleve here 
       with typical monster signal and back-to-back SS songs. 
 870  COLOMBIA  HJSB, Barranquilla, NOV 28 2304 - Mar Caribe ID emerged 
       from the jumble with Puerto Rico and Cuba.  One of the stations 
       in the pile-up was on 869.95, the others were closer to 870.0. 
       Things were too messy to determine which signal was the 50 Hz low 
       station. [Connelly*Y-MA]
 870  PUERTO RICO  WQBS, San Juan, NOV 28 2301 - numerous Puerto Rico 
       local mentions in SS talk; slugging it out with the Colombian and 
       apparent Reloj-Cuba. [Connelly*Y-MA]
 890  CUBA  R. Progreso, CMDZ, Santiago de Cuba, NOV 28 2255 - huge and 
       totally dominant with festive music, SS talk // 900. 
 895  ST. KITTS & NEVIS  VON, Bath Village, NOV 29 0049 - religious-
       sounding vocal; poor to fair. [Connelly*Y-MA] 
 900  CUBA  R. Progreso, NOV 28 2255 - // 890 with upbeat Latin American 
       music, SS talk by man & woman; slightly over suspected 
       Barbados/YVMD mix. [Connelly*Y-MA]
 920  unID  NOV 28 2252 - maybe a YV here with SS talk through CJCH/WHJJ 
       right on 920.0.  The 920.15 Colombian was also present, but just 
       as a het. [Connelly*Y-MA]
 930  CUBA  R. Reloj, NOV 29 0049 - Reloj SS news and time program; good 
       / dominant. [Connelly*Y-MA]
 940  CUBA  R. Reloj, NOV 28 2251 - SS news and clock ticks; through 
       jumble.  Despite Montreal's reactivation, 940 is still a good 
       stewpot of Latin American activity: when it's a bit auroral, the 
       minimal Montreal QRM can be easily eliminated here with phasing 
       that produces a cardioid null to the northwest. [Connelly*Y-MA]
 960  CUBA  R. Reloj, NOV 28 2248 - Reloj program mixing with a second 
       SS station. [Connelly*Y-MA]
1000  COLOMBIA  RCN, HJAQ, Cartagena, NOV 29 0051 - // 770 with SS man 
       on telephone; under CKBW. [Connelly*Y-MA}
1060  CUBA  CMDX, Baracoa, NOV 29 0053 - SS folk music; dominant. 
1080  VENEZUELA  R. Barcelona, YVQJ, Barcelona, NOV 28 2240 - merengue 
       music; blowing out WTIC. [Connelly*Y-MA]
1090  VENEZUELA  Union R., YVSZ, Caracas, NOV 28 2238 - woman with news 
       in SS, Union Radio ID; over WBAL. [Connelly*Y-MA]
1100  ANTIGUA  R. ZDK, St. John's, NOV 28 2235 - Carib-EE news 
       mentioning islands including Anguilla and Antigua, then a local 
       advert for a store "in downtown St. John's"; over growl, SS 
       station, and WTAM.  Audio was somewhat mushy and muffled. 
1110  VENEZUELA  R. Carupano, YVQT, Carupano, NOV 28 2232 - R. Carupano 
       ID; over other SS station that was possibly a US domestic. 
1130  VENEZUELA (t)  R. Ideal, YVRL, Macuto, NOV 29 0055 - ID sounded 
       like R. Ideal. [Connelly*Y-MA]
1140  BRAZIL  possibly R. Cultural da Bahia, ZYH449, Salvador, NOV 29 
       0101 - PP talk, briefly atop Venezuela and others.[Connelly*Y-MA]
1160  ANTIGUA  Caribbean R. Lighthouse, St. John's, NOV 29 0102 - EE 
       preaching briefly atop the channel during a great Caribbean 
       opening. [Connelly*Y-MA] 
1170  COLOMBIA  CARACOL, HJNW, Cartagena, NOV 29 0103 - SS mentions of 
       Colombian cities including Monteria and Barranquilla, then time 
       check; well over a jumble of other Latin Americans. 
1180  CUBA  R. Rebelde, NOV 28 2333 - // 600 with SS sporting event; 
       huge. [Connelly*Y-MA]
1210  unID  NOV 29 0125 - maybe a Cuban here with Beethoven's 
       "Pastoral"; completely over WPHT. [Connelly*Y-MA]
1280  BERMUDA  VSB2, Hamilton, NOV 28 2223 - preacher promoted a book 
       that can be purchased from his organization; signal was mostly 
       over WADO. [Connelly*Y-MA]
1290  VENEZUELA  R. Puerto Cabello, YVLF, Puerto Cabello, NOV 29 0110 - 
       SS newstalk about Venezuela; over/under WRNI-RI. [Connelly*Y-MA]
1291.39  unID  NOV 28 2221 - weak carrier. [Connelly*Y-MA]
1375.02  ST. PIERRE ET MIQUELON  RFO, NOV 28 2220 - jazz with African-
       style drumming; to good peak. [Connelly*Y-MA]
1500  VENEZUELA  YVRZ, Cumana, NOV 28 2204 - salsa music, R. Dos Mil ID. 
1520  COLOMBIA  Ecos del Palmar, HJLI, Bogota - NOV 29 0123 - Ecos del 
       Palmar ID; mixed with 2 other Latin Americans; WWKB phased. 
1570  DOMINICAN REPUBLIC  HIAJ, Santo Domingo, NOV 29 0118 - 
       reverberated SS religious talk and piano accompaniment; to good 
       peak, not much QRM. [Connelly*Y-MA]
1610  ANGUILLA  Caribbean Beacon, The Valley, NOV 28 2207 - man 
       preaching in EE; fair. [Connelly*Y-MA]


Mark Mohrmann - Coventry VT - hackmohr@xxxxxxxxxxxx

NRD 535D, MFJ-1026, V-Beam 130m @180deg, LW 800m @75deg

Schroon Lake, N.Y. USA
Sony 2010, MFJ Ant Tuner, Homebrew PreAmp, Straight wire 40m @180deg

 570  CUBA R. Reloj - CMDC; Pilon, Nov 26, 0415 CW ID way under the mix. 
 600  CUBA R. Rebelde - CMKV; Urbano Noris , Nov 27, 0445 Sports // 
       5025, fair to good signal, slightly over the mix. (Mohrmann-NY)
 620  CUBA R. Rebelde; , Nov 26, 0417 Sports // 5025, fair under WVMT, 
       Burlington. (Mohrmann-NY)
 630  CUBA R. Progreso; , Nov 26, 0419 Talk // 640, 890, fair to good 
       signal. (Mohrmann-NY)
 640  CUBA R. Progreso; , Nov 26, 0353 Spanish talk // 890, strong and 
       on top of everyone. (Mohrmann-NY):
 640  CUBA R. Reloj; , Nov 28, 1050 Spanish news, time pips, CW ID in 
       the mix. (Mohrmann-VT)
 660  CUBA R. Progreso - CMHG; Santa Clara, Nov 26, 0421 This one has 
       been a regular lately,  always under and sometimes equalling 
       WFAN, New York, // 630, 640, 890. (Mohrmann-NY)
 670  CUBA R. Rebelde - CMQ; Arroyo Arenas, Nov 26, 0403 // 5025 with 
       sports?, weak under other LA station. (Mohrmann-NY)
 670  VENEZUELA R. Rumbos - YVLL; Caracas, Nov 27, 0456 (tentative), 
       Ads, maybe a mention of "...desde Caracas", over WWFE, Miami and 
       Rebelde, briefly. (Mohrmann-NY)
 710  CUBA R. Rebelde; , Nov 26, 0406 Sports // 5025, fair to good 
       signal, on top of the mix. (Mohrmann-NY)
 760  COLOMBIA RCN - HJAJ; Baranquilla, Nov 26, 0426 News, "RCN" ID, 
       good and on top. (Mohrmann-NY)
 770  COLOMBIA RCN - HJJX; Bogota, Nov 26, 0429 "RCN" ID under WABC, New 
       York. (Mohrmann-NY)
 780  VENEZUELA R. Coro - YVMN; Coro, Nov 26, 0408 LA pop music, "Radio 
       Coro" jingle, on top, good signal. (Mohrmann-NY)
 800  NETH. ANT. TWR - PJB; Bonaire, Nov 26, 0431* (tentative), 
       Literally caught the last word of the transmission "...mundial." 
       Into anthem and then sign-off. (Mohrmann-NY)
 840  CUBA R. Reloj; , Nov 28, 1053 CW ID, news under WHAS, Louisville. 
 850  CUBA R. Reloj; Baracoa, Nov 27, 0557 CW ID, Spanish talk under the 
       mix, weak signal. (Mohrmann-NY)
 880  CUBA R. Progreso - CMAF; Pinar del Rio, Nov 27, 0502 // 890 under 
       WCBS, New York, weak signal. (Mohrmann-NY)
 880  CUBA R. Reloj - CMAF; Pinar del Rio, Nov 28, 1055 CW ID way under 
       WCBS, New York. (Mohrmann-VT)
 890  CUBA R. Progreso - CMDZ; Santiago, Nov 26, 0359 ID at TOH, into 
       "Perspectiva" program. Very good signal, all alone. (Mohrmann-NY)
 890  CUBA R. Reloj - CMDZ; Santiago, Nov 28, 1056 Cuban news, CW ID, on 
       top of the frequency. (Mohrmann-VT
 900  CUBA R. Progreso/Reloj; , Nov 27, 0600 Sign-off with Cuban anthem 
       // 890, immediately into Radio Reloj programming also // 890 then 
       both off at 0602. (Mohrmann-NY)
 920  DOM. REP. R. 9-20 - HIBA; Santo Domingo, Nov 26, 0437 
       (presumed),Bachata vocals and instrumentals, fair to good peaks 
       mixing with CJCH, Halifax. (Mohrmann-NY)
 930  CUBA R. Reloj, Nov 26, 0412 CW ID way under the mix. (Mohrmann-NY)
 940  CUBA R. Reloj; , Nov 26, 0439 Spanish talk, CW ID under new "CKNN" 
       Montreal tape loop. (Mohrmann-NY)
 960  CUBA R. Reloj; Guantanamo, Nov 26, 0440 News with time pips, very 
       strong peak. (Mohrmann-NY)
1000  COLOMBIA RCN -  HJAQ; Catagena, Nov 26, 0441 "RCN" ID, news // 
       760, in the mix with strong peaks. (Mohrmann-NY)
1180  CUBA R. Rebelde; Villa Maria, Nov 26, 0450 Fluttery, strong signal 
       on top. // 5025. (Mohrmann-NY)




Tom Bryant - Nashville TN - tjbdx@xxxxxxxx

Anyone have any idea who "Solid Gospel 990" might be?

Dave Jones (Springfield, TN) heard them at 6 AM CST Tuesday.

My guess is Narrows, VA...but that's only a stab in the dark. If an 
answer doesn't show up...would someone please copy this\ over to the 
other boards?  Thanks.


Dennis Gibson - dcgibson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Baygen Freeplay solar AM/FM radio

Does anybody here have one of these, or any other related model? If so, 
what are your impressions, mainly sensitivity and selectivity wise? I'd 
never seen one until the other day, and I was quite impressed. The AM 
sensitivity seems to be very good. I could only try it inside the store; 
it was during the day and the big signals from LA and San Diego were 
bombing in. There was the usual in-store noise, so I couldn't judge the 
selectivity. The sound quality was also very impressive. The build 
quality is also much better than I expected. The one I saw was clear so 
you can see the guts. I may have to have one of these! Not that I need 
another radio (the current lineup is GE Superadios I, II, and III, a 
Sony ICF-2010, and a Realistic TRF).

Any opinions will be greatly appreciated.




Pat Martin - Seaside OR - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

 650  KENI  AK, Anchorage, rexc. vf in 305dff signed by Van Craft CE. 
       Address:  800 E Dimond Bl #3-370, Anchorage  AK  99515. MW QSL 
       #2600. (PM-OR)
1062  5RN  AUSTRALIA, Renmark, E Mail QSL in 90dff V/S: Neil Wiese-ABC-
       Adelaide. E Mail address: 5AN@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Australian QSL: 
       #216 and #2601 MW QSL. (PM-OR)


Paul Ormandy - paulorm@xxxxxxxx

1650  WHKT  "The Big Kat" Chesapeake VA . VL received from Doug Stewart, 
       Group Marketing for report with 60c m/s. Addr: 2202 Jolliff Rd, 
       Chesapeake, VA 23321.US state QSL'd #43.





Check out Yahoo! Clubs amradiodx100khzto1800khz



Dennis Gibson - dcgibson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

   I noticed under "construction permit activity" in the latest DX 
Monitor a listing for WWRU-1660 in Elizabeth, NJ changing to 9 KW nights 
with a directional antenna. They were originally WJDM, and the first 
station to sign on in the expanded band.
   Radiostation.com says this is going to be a two site operation. Does 
anybody know why they are going to be allowed to run 9 times as much 
power at night as everybody else in the expanded band, and why they have 
been given permission to go directional at night (I have attached a copy 
of the nighttime directional pattern)? My understanding of the expanded 
band allocations is everybody runs 10 KW days and 1 KW nights, non-
directional full time. Does any other expanded band station have a CP 
for more nighttime power and/or a directional pattern?
   Also, both radiostation.com and the Broadcast Station Location Page, 
an excellent reference source  

show the city of license as Jersey City, NJ, while the info in DX 
Monitor, which comes from the M Street Journal, still shows Elizabeth, 
NJ, which was the city of license when they signed on as WJDM. Does 
anyone know which one is correct?

Pat Martin - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

   Apparently the FCC has changed its mind (again). As far as the 
station running 9 times the power, at the moment quite a few of the 
current X Bands do not drop power at night. Stations like KXOL have been 
running 10KW ND day & night for months. KGXL-1650 is now running 10KW 
day & night too, as they are much stronger in Oregon at night over the 
past few weeks. WMDM is on 10 KW alot at night and I think the same for 
WTIR. It looks like the X Banders may be running 10KW ND day & night 

Tom Bryant - tjbdx@xxxxxxxx

   I'm not an expert on NYC area geography either, but was in the 
vicinity of their xmtr location (on the map that was attached) last 
summer, and it's pretty obvious what they're doing.
   Their ERP into mid-town Manhattan at night will be tremendously 
increased. I would think that the equivalent of about 30kw will head 
that direction... and of course, that's where the heaviest population 
concentration lies.
   As to WHY the FCC is allowing this...there was a loophole in the 
language of the original x-band criteria list that (and I don't recall 
the exact wording) allowed nighttime directional operation with higher 
power under unusual circumstances.
   My guess as to why so many of the new operations appear to be running 
10kw 24/7 is simply because they seem to be able to get away with it.  
Even if they get cited...it's not that big a deal...knuckle slap and 
warning. But as someone observed, the FCC seems to have other fish to 
fry and isn't much interested in spending a great deal of time 
monitoring AM broadcast operations old or new.  In fact they don't seem 
to be much interested in following up on complaints lodged against AM 
stations who are suspected of power/pattern.  At least those are the 
vibes that I get.
   I have a hunch that if you travelled around the country checking out 
x-banders, you'd probably find a lot of them breaking another of the 
intial rules...that being the requirement that they MUST broadcast in C-
QUAM stereo.  But then, after all, weren't rules made to be broken?


Pat Martin - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx


1400 Easton Drive  #144A
Bakersfield  CA  93309
(661) 861-1350  
Note: Change in area code also


Glenn Hauser - wghauser@xxxxxxxxxxx


Days and times strictly UT

This reflects RFPI's revised frequency sked including new 25930-USB as 
of Nov 26.

Wed 1730 COM RFPI 25930-USB
Wed 2200 WOR WBCQ 7415
Thu 0930 COM RFPI 6975
Thu 2130 WOR WWCR 9475
Fri 1900 COM RFPI 25930-USB
Fri 1930 WOR RFPI 25930-USB
Sat 0300 COM RFPI 15049 6975
Sat 0330 WOR RFPI 15049 6975
Sat 1100 COM RFPI 6975
Sat 1130 WOR RFPI 6975
Sat 1230 WOR WWCR 15685
Sat 1730 COM RFPI 25930-USB
Sat 1800 WOR RFPI 25930-USB
Sat 2030 WOR WWCR 12160
Sun 0130 COM RFPI 15049 6975
Sun 0200 WOR RFPI 15049 6975
Sun 0330 WOR WWCR 5070
Sun 0730 WOR WWCR 5070
Sun 0930 COM RFPI 6975
Sun 1000 WOR RFPI 6975
Sun 2300 WOR RFPI 25930-USB 15049 6975
Mon 0131 WOR WWCR 3215
Mon 0601 WOR WWCR 3210
Mon 0700 WOR RFPI 6975
Tue 1330 WOR WWCR 15685
Tue 1900 WOR RFPI 25930-USB
Tue 2000 COM RFPI 25930-USB
Wed 0300 WOR RFPI 15049 6975
Wed 0400 COM RFPI 15049 6975
Wed 1100 WOR RFPI 6975


   Geomagnetic Summary November 24 1999 through December 1 1999
    phil bytheway - Seattle WA - philip_bytheway@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
     Tabulated from WWV at ~0518 GMT nightly

 11/24   187    18    2    moderate    quiet-mis           -
    25   184    18    1    high        quiet-mas           maf 0123
    26   172     5    0    high        quiet-unsettled     maf 1343
    27   169     2    2    high        quiet               maf 1212
    28   175     8    1    moderate    quiet-unsettled     -
    29   164     3    1    moderate    quiet               -
    30   163     7    0    low         quiet-unsettled     -
 12/ 1   165     2    1    low         quiet               -

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