[HCDX]: Dec 02 log
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[HCDX]: Dec 02 log

Hi all,

endless mailserver trouble kept me from sending this hours ago. However,
here comes. For once I ventured above 7 MHz. For some obcure reason I
don´t do that very often. Hmmm, maybe I should...

SRI LANKA 11905 SLBC Colombo 1505-1530, Hindi service with Indian folk
and film music, few announcements, fair signal (Roth Dec 02)

GUAM 11625 KSDA Guam 1530-1540, non-stop talk in Hindi with a few music
bridges, slight occasional QRM from 11930 (presumed CNR Beijing4), weak
to fair signal with moderate fading (Roth Dec 02)

INDIA 11585 All India Radio 1541-1600, Vn, presumably Baluchi service
from Bangalore, talk and instrumental music, off air at 1600 sharp, fair
signal with occasional rapid fading (Roth Dec 02)

73 de Thomas
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