[HCDX]: Aussie QSL 1674 Radio Symban
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[HCDX]: Aussie QSL 1674 Radio Symban

John Wrgiht here in Sydney australia.
Re: 1674 Radio Symban in Sydney.
Thanks to Chris Martin and Patrick Martin.
After persistant contact, managed to leave message and received a phone
call from Mary at Radip Symban 1674, (language is a problem here).
Mary has received letters from Patrick Martin (USA), and they are amazed
to be heard that far, in fact she thought you were a hoax Patrick!!!
In Reality, they have no idea of QSLing etc...Mary is extremely helpful
and will be invitating me to their studio in the week. So here is the
deal, If you have already sent a reception report to Radio Symban, in
case they missed it, send it to me by email by no later than next
Tuesday the 7th,. I will take them as a backup and will ask Mary to look
at each of the reports, I will then take them and post them back to you
all. So if you haven't already done so and wish toreport them, send the
report to me...by email. 
In future they will require reply postage. The phone number given by
Chris Martin is correct, but the staff who answer donot understand much
English. Mary is only part time staffer.   They are 400 watts into a
whip antenna.
Bye for now.  Thanks again Patrick and Chris! you guys are legends.
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