[HCDX]: G Hauser's Shortwave/DX Report 99-65
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[HCDX]: G Hauser's Shortwave/DX Report 99-65

        GLENN HAUSER'S SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-65, Dec 3, 1999

{Items from this and all our reports may be reproduced and re-
reproduced only providing full credit be maintained at all stages}

THIS WEEK ON WORLD OF RADIO 1014: See topic summary at

THIS MONTH ON CONTINENT OF MEDIA 99-09: See topic summary at 

** ASIA [non]. The B99 schedule for Radio Free Asia is now posted on 
the Asian Broadcasting Institute WWW site. 
http://www.246.ne.jp/%7Eabi/rfa.htm is the direct URL for the 
schedule, which includes transmitter sites. According to the 
schedule, KNLS in Alaska and Delano, California are no longer used to 
broadcast RFA. 73, {Jim Moats, OH, November 30} 

** BELGIUM. The Belgian royal wedding on Saturday 4 December 1999 
will be broadcast live on shortwave by both Radio Vlaanderen 
Internationaal (in Dutch) and RTBF-International (in French) to 
Europe and Africa: 

0700-0800 UTC 5985, 9925, 11690  
0800-0900 UTC 9925, 11690  
0900-1200 UTC 9925, 13600, 21550 <<<< additional transmission 
1200-1230 UTC 9925, 13760, 21630  

0530-0600 UTC 9490  
0600-1100 UTC 17580 
1100-1300 UTC 21565 <<<< extended transmission 
0530-1300 UTC 9965 <<<< additional transmission 
(Paul Brems, RVI via Wolfgang Bueschel, WORLD OF RADIO 1014)

** BHUTAN. BBS has retimed their evening txion and also at the 
weekend: Nepali Mon-Fri 1130-1200, Sat 0900-1000 5030, Sun 0900-1000 

English Mon-Fri 1200-1300 (nx 1200) 5030, Sat 1000-1100 (nx 1000) 
5030, Sun 1000-1100 (nx at 1000). Sat 1015-1100 CountDown Top-20 En 
pop songs; Sun 1015-1100 Request Show of En pop songs. (Alok 
Dasgupta, India, Nov 26 via Wolfgang Bueschel, WORLD OF RADIO 1014)

** CANADA. This week on C'est La Vie, learn about the beginnings of 
French radio in Alberta. From its humble origins broadcasting from a 
shack in a field outside Edmonton, Radio CHFA has come along way in 
50 years. And it plays a vital role for the French community in the 
region. Find out more on C'est La Vie, with host Bernard St. Laurent, 
UT Saturday Dec 4 at 0029-0059 on RCI 5960 and 9755 (CBC Hotsheet via 

** COSTA RICA. http://www.drgenescott.org/stations now gives schedule 
here as 24 hours on all frequencies: 7375/11870 [meaning one 
transmitter, one frequency or the other?], 9725, 13750, 5030, 6150 
(Peter Boeck, Nov 22 via Hans-Joachim Koch, condensed by Hauser)

** INTERNATIONAL VACUUM. Not exactly SW but DXing ultra-ultra-
shortwave laser light reflections over very great distances; I AM NOT 
SURE IF THIS IS FOR REAL and have not heard anything about it on 
mainstream media or elsewhere, but Rogerio Krueger, radio-escutas 
newsroup, refers us to http://www.moonlight.com . All I get there so 
far as of Dec 3 is the word MOONLIGHT at the top. According to him, 
on Dec 8 [NOT Nov 8 as I misspoke on some editions of WOR 1014!], 
Moonlight Laser Enterprises, Inc. plans to test its ``laser ray 
cannons'' by projecting a message using the surface of the moon as 
the screen. Colors blue, red and green can be mixed to produce any 
color and be animated (like terrestrial laser light shows). The date 
has been selected since it is the birthday of the founder of the 
company, based in Atlanta, and it is during New Moon. The time will 
be midnight there, 0500 UT, when the moon will be well positioned for 
viewing from Brasil. The three laser-cannons have a power of 2 
megawatts each. The first message will be GOOD NIGHT EARTH, and 
others may follow. The ultimate objective is advertising (Hauser's
translation summary of Kruger's posting)

The trouble is, as any amateur astronomer or even casual moongazer 
instantly realizes, when the moon is new it sets only slightly after 
the sun and would NOT be visible - or reachable by laser - at local 
midnight. My calendar does show Dec 7 as New Moon. Possibly they 
meant 0000 UT? (Glenn Hauser, Terra)

** IRELAND. Atlantic 252 can continue broadcasting on longwave after 
Dec 31. Following a change of administration in Ireland, there is no 
problem in extending the expiring license (ERRF DX Mix Dec 4 via 
Hans-Joachim Koch, summary translation by Hauser)

** KENYA. 4915: KBC is back on that frequency and the reception is so 
strong that Ghana was not audible at 2000 Dec 2 (Mahendra Vaghjee, 

** KOREA NORTH. This evening (UT Dec 3) tuned in North Korea on 
17745. Signal here was stronger than it has been over the last few 
nights (good signal strength), but still that annoying "buzz-hum" in 
the carrier. I could hear the 0200 UT broadcast on 11845, but signal 
was fair at best, but at least no weird noises in the carrier on this 
frequency. Nothing heard on 15650 at 0200 UT here. Anyway, I was able 
to copy the sched. at approx 52 min into the 0100 broadcast (listed 
below). Please note that no broadcasts were given (Target) for NORTH 
America. Just Central and South America. Humm..??? 

(Radio Pyongyang) English Broadcasts 1 Hour 

SE Asia/ Central and South America 1200 9850, 11335, 13650 
Africa 1200 9640, 9975 
Africa 1600 6540, 9600, 9945 
SE Asia/ Central and South America 0100 15230, 17735, 11735 
SE Asia/ Central and South America 0200 15650, 11845 
Regards, (David Zantow, Janesville, WI USA) 

At 0000-0100 17735 is conflicting with a longtime VOA frequency
[from Tinang to Pacific]. How can we get them to move? (Bill 
Whitacre, IBB) Cannot be sure but may be in French that hour (gh)

** KOREA NORTH. An English block from Pyongyang is heard with fair 
signal at 2120 on its house-frequency 6575 (ERF [TWR] DX Mix 27. Nov. 
via Hans-Joachim Koch, summary translation by Hauser)

** KOREA NORTH. Checking out Radio Pyongyang after 2100 showed 6575 
and 7505 in // with horribly distorted speech audio, from 2100 with 
what sounded like Spanish, from 2200 with French. Prior to their 
latest reshuffelings 7505 had at 2100 German and 6575 something 
different. (Kai Ludwig, Germany, Dec 1)

** KURDISTAN. V. of Kurdistan Toilers is a new clandestine heard 
since Nov 28 on 4250, in Iraqi Kurdish at 1600-1630, Arabic 1630-
1700, and repeated from 0400 (BBC Monitoring, summarised by Hauser 
for WORLD OF RADIO 1014)

** KURDISTAN. I have very little interest in broadcasts that are not 
in English, and no interest in clandestines, but in this case I have 
a huge geographical advantage, so I invested limited effort and after 
writing this, I will forget bout the subject:

V. of the People of Kurdistan is on 4060 from 0345 until 0700. They 
sign on a little before 0345 and sign off around 0706. They are also 
no 4060 at lest from 1545 to 1745. Languages are Arabic, and very 
likely Kurdish and Farsi. I think, each language, one hour. For me, 
the signals are strong, observed 16, 17, 18 and 19 November. The 
present Passport shows nothing on 4060. Best wishes. Yours, (David 
Crystal, Ramat Zvi, Israel, WORLD OF RADIO 1014)

** RUSSIA. The Italian segment on VoR's special Kosovo programmes was 
already months ago replaced by Serbocroatian. Additionally there is a 
sesquihour programme in Serbocroatian 2200-2330 on 6205, repeated (at 
least I guess it's a repeat of the 2200 broadcast) 0400-0530 on 5920, 
both from the Popovka transmitters near St. Petersburg. Regards, (Kai 
Ludwig, Germany, Dec 1)

tuned around the 31 meter band until landing on 9665 kHz at 0131 to 
hear familiar Radio Netherlands voices Jim Cutler, Jonathan Marks and 
Diana Janssen talking about the Digital Radio Mondiale tests... then 
went into this digital noise (?) I can't figure out, until off at 
0300. Coming from Rampisham with good signal but nothing worth while 
to listen to, if noise is all they are doing for test purposes. Try 
this out tonight... (Joe Hanlon in Philadelphia) 

** U S A. Although announced as on 92.7, St. Louis MO has an apparent 
pirate in stereo on 92.9 playing a variety of mostly secular Latin 
music, taped by Will Martin Oct. 16 for over an hour from 1555 UT. 
There were only five brief announcements during this period: 1) ad 
for Iglesia de la Nueva Comunidad, 314-664-5565; 2) ``Somos 92.7 FM, 
Radio en espan~ol'' 3) ``92.7 FM Estereo, regalo de dios para nuestra 
comunidad'' 4) ad for La Clinica, 3 Ave y S. Grand Blvd, specializing 
in la depresion; 5) ``92.7 FM Estereo, La Radio de la Comunidad 
Hispana, San Luis'' and this time also in English. This last one is 
included in our December Mundo Radial and for Radio Enlace on Radio 
Nederland (Glenn Hauser)                           ###

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