Ang: [HCDX]: Winter DXing in a car
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Ang: [HCDX]: Winter DXing in a car

I've spent many a cold night in the car out in a forest where I had put up a long beverage and I know all about freezing, Hi! One recipy is warm underwear - you can't overdo this part and also very warm socks and heavy footgear. As the insulation in a car is just worthless the cold creeps in after a few minutes. I used to run the engine now and then for a few minutes to get some warmth inside help a bit, too. When conditions were good and signals good you could still listen.
I wouldn't recommend any time of heater, catalytic or other, because of the risk of poisonous fumes. An electric blanket could be fine, but remember that you would probably like your car to start after a long nights listening. Don't empty the battery!
I know that SAAB was selling a heat accumulator that could store and retain the engines heat for 24 hours or more, but haven't heard about that feature for a couple of years.
Anyway, the results you will get will keep you warm on nights with good propagation. I found out that I only felt the cold when nothing was heard.
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