[HCDX]: Dec 03 log
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[HCDX]: Dec 03 log

Hi all,

TOGO 5047 Radiodiffusion Togolaise 2025-2045, French, heated talk with
someone phoning in (sounds like) and short music bridges, rather weak
today with QRM from a het slightly above frequency (Roth Dec 03)

GHANA 4915 Ghana BC Accra 2048-2105, English/Vn, western pop-music and
short English announcements, ID on the hour 'This is Ghana Radio 1',
then into Vn, fair to weak signal with occasional CW QRM (Roth Dec 03)

MALI 4835 RTV Malienne 2107-2130, French talk and local folkmusic with
string instruments and chorus, //4785 but much weaker with UTE QRM, fair
to good signal (Roth Dec 03)

NIGERIA 4770 FRCN Kaduna 2145-2158, English anouncements and western
pop-songs, fair signal with slight fading (Roth Dec 03) 

CONGO 4765 Radio Congo (very much presumed) 2200-2225, traces of French
talk and African music, very weak with deep fading and occasional peaks,
don´t think this is RRI Medan (Roth Dec 03)

73 de Thomas
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