Re: [HCDX]: Winter DXing in a car
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Re: [HCDX]: Winter DXing in a car

>very good, indeed, ... but all the folks forgot the main things:
>One or two vacuum flasks - or more - with very hot coffee or tea,
>one or two vacuum flasks with a warm soup. And a big pile of well
>caremufflaged (- hi !!) slice of bread.
>Than you will survive a long and cold night for DXin in a car.
>73 and Glueck auf
>de Klaus/DL 3 EAY and DE 2 JLS

Yes, you are right, Klaus -
in fact the best thing to warm one up is a bit of alcohol, but when driving
I never drink alcohol as it is very dangerous with a ZERO promille limit in
our country. When they catch you you can expect 1-2 years without driving
licence and a penalty of 7500-15000 CZK (Czech Crowns, what is ca. 220-430
Sorry for being out of topics.


Karel Honzik
the Czech Republic

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