Re: [HCDX]: Winter DXing in a car
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Re: [HCDX]: Winter DXing in a car

maybe somebody could bring his advice how to provide a winter-DXing in a car without freezing.

Using a pry bar, smash the car window. Using the same pry bar, remove the radio. Take it into the house and connect it up to a (mumble mumble) volt power supply. Ideally, a roof-mounted, cable-fed vertical whip would be nice, but you could always use a short piece of wire. Or use a long piece of wire, cutting it down to size until you don't get any more overloading.

I was typing at the computer this evening and the power went off.
It was completely dark in the whole neighborhood except for this one
guy who had a 3-cell flashlight.  I went out to the car and got my
5-cell flashlight.  No, I didn't smash any windows!  I had never
used that 5-cell light at any distance.  It's powerful!  So I came
back inside and, instead of lighting candles, pulled out my DX-398
and started listening to long wave and those shortwave frequencies
which are normally blocked by noise.  NOTHING!  Oh, well.
By the way, the power is back on now, thank you.

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