[HCDX]: G Hauser's Shortwave/DX Report 99-68
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[HCDX]: G Hauser's Shortwave/DX Report 99-68

        GLENN HAUSER'S SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-68, Dec 6, 1999

{Items from this and all our reports may be reproduced and re-
reproduced only providing full credit be maintained at all stages}

** ANGUILLA. DGS on 11775 around 1201 UT Dec 6 was putting out 
modulation peak spikes as high as 11865. As DGS was saying that in CR 
two transmitters are running 24h and the other three are most of the 
day and at night for sure, 11870 came on at 1203. Also heard him 
talking about ``Nov. 31'' as under CR below (Glenn Hauser, OK)

** AUSTRALIA. LNL on RN and RA 9580, Dec 6 at 1220-1242 was 
interviewing Rep. Cynthia McKinney, D-GA, on holding corporations 
responsible for human rights violations. Why haven't I heard her on 
US media?? (Glenn Hauser, OK)

** BELARUS. R. Minsk was heard in German at 2130 with a fair signal 
on 7105, Dec 4. English is on Tuesday and Thursday on two broadcasts: 
2030 and 2130, also on 7105, a winter channel per PWBR-2000. (Joe 
Hanlon in Philadelphia)

** COSTA RICA. Glenn, On the weekend, I heard Gene Scott mention that 
the first month's bill for his Costa Rican operation was $30K, plus 
$1K for "wire services". He was angrier than usual, begging for money 
since 1/4 of the November budget had "disappeared" and that he wasn't 
closing the books for November until people donated enough to make it 
up. $2500 donations was what he needed, he didn't want to waste time 
with "piddly" $1000 donations. He threatened to close the cathedral 
and/or move somewhere else where they'll appreciate him. This program 
was taped from Wed Dec 1st, since he said that he was extending the 
month of November ("Today is Nov 31st, tomorrow Nov 32nd, etc. until 
enough money is pledged to made up the budget shortfall"). We must be 
up to Nov. 36th now! He was also upset ("P'ed off") that he missed 
the inauguration ceremonies of his Costa Rica operation, ("It was 
like missing your wedding night".), having to take care of the budget 
shortfall in LA. (Ivan Grishin, Ont., Dec 6)

** ECUADOR. HCJB continues to be the source of interesting music. The 
Japanese service on 9730 Mon Dec 6 at 1135-1147 played a string of 
Sousa marches on the marimba. I also did find another half hour of 
Musica del Ecuador in Spanish Sunday Dec 5 at 1100 on 11960 (Glenn 
Hauser, Okurahoma)

** EQUATORIAL GUINEA. Glenn, The Radio Africa transmission was heard 
with a good signal and through measuring via SSB on my Drake SW8 I 
measured the frequency to be 15184.2 at 1915 UTC (Joe Hanlon, PA, Dec 
5) It varies

** IRAN [non]. CLANDESTINE. 7520, Radio Ante National or (Radio 
International) 1730-1800. Beside Telephone Number, e-mail -  mail 
address in England as Box ... ? London  WC ...M ...XX England was 
given just before went off and also Iran Kurdistan and Kurdi has been 
mentioned many times (Mahendra Vaghjee, Dec 4)

** IRAN [non]. An Iranian colleague of mine has listened to Radio 
International, and my report on her findings is at the end of this 
message. As you can see, I am now sure that this is the same "Radio 
International" as previously aired via WWCR about a year ago. Mr 
Javadi makes an appearance again, as does his newspaper 'Porsesh', 
both of which were named in connection with the WWCR programme. They 
now announce a UK phone number, rather than a Toronto one as before.

Location of transmitter: What is the source of the suggestion that it
broadcasts from Tajikistan? My own theory is this: The opening  
announcement says the station does not broadcast on Mondays or 
Wednesdays. The Persian word for Monday is "Dushanbe". My guess is 
that non-Persian speaking DXers heard the word Dushanbe in the 
opening announcement and jumped to a conclusion. Of course it could 
still be coming from Tajikistan. Listening to it tonight (5th 
December) I heard the former Soviet Union tune-up tones prior to 
1730, but from the excellent strength I wonder if the site is closer 
to us. Report follows:

Iran: "Radio International" heard broadcasting in Persian from 
unknown site 

A Persian-language radio station calling itself "Radio International" 
was heard broadcasting at 1730 gmt on 2nd December on the shortwave 
frequency of 7520 kHz. An opening announcement stated that the radio 
broadcasts daily, except Mondays and Wednesdays, at 2100-2130 Tehran 
time (1730-1800 gmt). There then followed a discussion programme 
chaired by Azar Majedi and with the participation of her "colleague 
in Canada" Mostafa Saber and Ali Javadi [see Note below], editor-in-
chief of the newspaper `Porsesh' (`Question'). Their discussions 
covered the World Trade Organization meeting in Seattle and the 
current controversy in Iran over the imprisonment of the liberal 
former interior minister, Abdollah Nuri, and the surrounding disputes 
by various political factions. The broadcast ended with an invitation 
for listeners' comments. A UK mobile telephone number of 44-771-461-
1099 and an e-mail address of radio7520@xxxxxxxxx were announced.

(Note: A broadcast by a programme of the same name - "Radio 
International" - was heard in late 1998 and early 1999 being carried 
by the US shortwave station WWCR in Nashville, Tennessee, which hires 
airtime to a variety of political and religious groups. At the time, 
WWCR stated that the airtime in question had been hired by "Eric 
[sic] Javadi", thus indicating that the current broadcasts by "Radio 
International" are linked to those previously aired on WWCR. No 
announcement was heard from the current broadcast of "Radio 
International" as to where its broadcasts are now emanating from.) 
(Chris Greenway, BBCM)

I recall hearing ``Dushanbe'' mentioned in the IDs on WWCR. At the 
time I thought perhaps they were giving local time for listeners 
there or an address there. There is an interesting story how the city 
came to be named for a day of the week, market day, I believe. Where 
did I see that? (Hauser)

** TAIWAN. I heard Taiwan on 9355 (I was looking for WBCQ-2 at the 
time!) //5810 2200-2300 in English, Via WYFR, Dec 5. Excellent 
reception on both freqs. (Ivan Grishin, Ont.) Yes, I had been meaning 
to point out new 9355, which had not been used previous winters 

** U K O G B A N I. Poor Miss Davis, she didn't make it to the Brain 
of Britain final, but it was fun while it lasted. 73, (Ivan Grishin, 
Ont.) She was on this week's show, I believe, heard her unmistakable 
voice when spot checking the tape I was making. Still repeats at: 
1530 Wed on 17840, 15220, 9590, 9515; also to Af Thu 1430 on 21660. 
Remember, if you want ``entertainment'' this is the only show on the 
entire BBCWS schedule in that category! -- except Foul Play which 
succeeds BOB for one episode the week of Dec 25 (Glenn Hauser, which 
American state has tornados in December?)

** U S A. The traditional airing of the late John Henry Faulk's Xmas 
story will be on NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday, Dec 19 at about 1345 
UT, repeated 2-hourly (WESUN Dec 5 via Hauser) This will lump your 
throat, tear your eyes

** U S A. After February 1, VOA Communications World will be changed 
from 12 x 8.75 minutes to 6 x 21.75 minutes on News Now. This means 
NN listeners will hear all the CW they're going to get in one 
sitting. But total time will be reduced -- I'll probably eliminate 
audience feedback from the NN edition. The half-hour edition 
continues as a 28-minute show and takes on added significance given 
the abbreviation of the NN version. Plans are not quite solidified 
yet. 73 (Kim Andrew Elliott, Dec 5)

** U S A. The Jack R. Poppele Transmitting Station in Delano verifies 
reports directly with a beautiful special QSL card from the following 
address: US Information Agency [sic, no longer exists], International 
Broadcasting Bureau, Delano Relay Station, 11015 Melcher Road, Delano,
CA 93215 (Marcelo Cornachioni, Argentina, Conexion Digital)      ###

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