Re: [HCDX]: AOR 7030
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Re: [HCDX]: AOR 7030

Thanks. I use several antennas for MW DX including a 1500' Eastern
beverage that runs near the electric fence, plus a 200' EWE antenna and
900" NNW  Beverage. However all my antennas run around my neighbors
property. The ANC-4 has been useless in getting rid of the noise even
though everyone seems to think it should work. I haven't had any luck
with getting rid of it. The noise blanker in the R8 is pretty good, but
it also has drawbacks. If you are close to a strong signal the blanker
stuts itself off even though it is on. I talked to Drake about that and
was told that Drake designed it that way not to overload. It the blanker
had a level control it might work better.
My thought at this time is to use some sort of an outboard blanker on
DSP noise filter of sometime. Since the clicking is 1 sec intervals, it
should be easy to put a hole in the audio long enough to totally blank
the noise I would think.  This is a new fence the neighbot has put up,
and I think the charger is fairly new also.
Thanks again.



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