[HCDX]: URGENT - Lemmenjoki DXpedition on CNN
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[HCDX]: URGENT - Lemmenjoki DXpedition on CNN

Now you have a unique chance to see what DXpeditions in Lemmenjoki,
Finland, look like - on your own TV! The hobby of DXing is featured on
CNN International, on a program titled "World Report", on Tuesday,
December 7th.

You will see a story on DXing taken to the extreme, shot by me during a
recent DXpedition to Lemmenjoki.

The package will be aired at different times for different parts of the
world. Here is the schedule for "World Report":

at 0630-0700 UTC in Asia and the Pacific
at 1330-1400 UTC in Europe, the Middle East and Africa
at 1630-1700 UTC in Latin America

Sorry to say, but those of you who live in North America won't have a
chance to see the piece. Why? Send your complaints to CNN. My guess is
that the show, which is composed of reports from all imaginable
broadcasting corporations around the world (in this case my piece was
produced by YLE, The Finnish Broadcasting Company), has just not
received good enough ratings in the U.S. I must also admit, that as CNN
does not exercise editorial control on the contributors, the quality
both technically and journalistically is very varying - to put it

Anyhow, those of you who have access to CNN International through your
cable operator or satellite dish, now it's worth watching... A word of
caution though: as always in the news business, everything can change at
the last minute. The piece is on the rundown for now, but the show
itself may be revised if other news warrant so. And in case something
dramatic would happen in the world at the particular moment when World
Report is supposed to air in your region, "Breaking news" will
automatically replace World Report (or any other scheduled program).
Let's hope that we have a peaceful day on Tuesday...

For more on the show, check out the CNN website:

http://CNN.com/CNN/Programs/world.report/    - this page tells more
about the show
http://CNN.com/world/world.report/    - this page gives a weekly summary
on the items

and for more on that DXpedition, check out my website at:


Enjoy the show!

Mika Makelainen

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