[HCDX]: Dec 06 log
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[HCDX]: Dec 06 log

Hi all,

I´ve written to Mahendra V. a few hours ago that I´ll hit the sack right
away, but then the radios got the better of me again. You know how it
goes... ;-)

CHINA 6180.7 CPBS 1 2155-2212, Mandarin, pop-songs and ads (sounds
like), on the hour 'Shonjang Renin Guangbo Diantai', then into
(presumably) news, fair signal with some QRM (Roth Dec 06)

CHINA 6045 Nei Menggu PBS 2215-2235, Mandarin, non-stop talk by female
presenter with short music bridges and taped inserts from a speech,
Prime Minister Zhu Rongji and Vietnam was mentioned often, probably
something to do with his visit to VTN, very good signal with slow fading
and slight QRM from 6040 (R. Romania) (Roth Dec 06)

SINGAPORE 6000 Singapore BC (presumed) 2305-2315, Mandarin, RATS, I
missed the s/on of this one !!! Lots of talk with music bridges in
'western pop style' and phone-ins, didn´t ever check for them here, but
what I remember from my last trip to MLA last year - the style and
format sounds very much like Singapore, great signal on completely clear
channel, real armchair-copy ;-) (Roth Dec 06)

73 de Thomas
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