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[HCDX]: Re: DX Report

Thanks for the report.  I'm not sure about the significance
of the barking dogs.  I'm bouncing your report out to
several other DXers to see what they may be able to
offer in terms of unID help.

73 / good DX ... Mark


Mark Connelly - Billerica, MA, USA
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On 09/05/99 05:35:13 you wrote:
>Hi Mark,
>Sorry I've been unable to get back to you...we've had visitors from two
>days before Thanksgiving until yesterday...whew!
>I'll answer your last email in a bit but I wanted to send along a DX
>report first.  Nothing truly spectacular but some of the UNIDs are
>interesting.  I'm pretty sure that the 1468.1 UNID is Valencia but it
>remains tentative.  The "Peruvian" on  564.5 is also highly tentative
>but I did log him on 564.3 a couple of years ago, so he's my best
>guess.  Finally, the barking dog question...I remember chasing this
>several years ago but can't seem to remember who it was.
>Anyway, back to you later.
>By the way, I'm sending a copy of the report to Jim Renfrew.

Foreign DX Report

Gerry Thomas, Pensacola, FL <radioplus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
R-8, Quantum Loop, Quantum Phaser

{note: dates are month/day format - Mark}

I haven't Dxed seriously in the past several years so I have to brush
up on my pathetic (at best) Spanish and re-learn the band.  


530	UNID.	SS male and plaintive LA mx in RCVI null & mixing with
unid TIS 0345, 12/6. Looped Costa Rica-ish.  Haven't Dxed in a while,
is Rumbo still on? 	(Thomas-FL)

555	ST. KITTS, Basseterre.  ZIZ noted in passing at fair level
but with poor audio.  	(Thomas-FL) 

564.5  t  PERU, Lima.  Just a weak carrier looped tightly at about
165 degrees, no chance 	for audio.  Had a "distant" character to
the carrier (i.e., very tight DF peak, short presence).  This at 2245,
11/19 (grayline to Peru open at this time).  R. Oriente heard about
here once in the past.  (Thomas-FL)
965	UNID.  Fair carrier, intermittent SS male.  No ID but looped
HC (but WRTH says HCOT1 is inactive...dunno).  This 11/5 at 0030.

1000	VENEZUELA, San Cristobal. YVOA fair/good w/Colombian.
R. Tachira ID and many ments of San Cristobal. Upbeat, "happy" LA
mx.  0212, 12/6.  (Thomas-FL)

1050	MEXICO, Cancun.  XEQOO Super loud with frequent ID as
R. Pirata.  0120, 11/19.  (Thomas-FL)

1060	MEXICO, Mexico City.  XEEP, R. Educacion poor/fair with
w/soft-spoken SS male and lite LA mx (not ranchera).  0218, 12/6.

1466-1467v	UNID.  Chased this one for a couple of weeks before
it disappeared.  	Looped Hispanola/Puerto Rico noted on freqs
from 1466.1 to 1467.3.  Upbeat LA mx and muffled SS male and
intermittently audible from about 2330-0400 w/occasional het
with 1467 (France) and stn on 1468.1.  (Thomas-FL)

1468.1	t  VENEZUELA, Valencia.  Pretty sure this is the
one contributing to the confusion on 1466-1468.  Looped a
couple of degrees S of unid on 1466-1467.  Many ments of
"Latina Radio," Valencia, and other nearby cities. Audible
nightly 	from 0030 on; still here 12/6. Programming varies
thru the night from SS male monologues to moderate (not raucous)
LA mx styles. (Thomas-FL)

1544	UNID.  Fair carrier but couldn't dig out any intelligible
audio...hrd bells, barking dogs, and unreadable SS male.  Seemed
to be looped CAm but grayline still a little east at 2240 on
11/18.  Dunno.  (Thomas, FL)

1597.5	UNID. Another barking dog mystery.  Similar uncertain
bearing as 1544 and hrd almost daily  briefly at SSS.  Noted with
SS female singing 2235, 12/6. (I seem to 	recall that barking dogs
were indicative of a particular network/country but my old brain
and misplaced logs of the past have let me down...) (Thomas, FL)

1610	ANGUILLA.  Un-nullable multiple stns here 0330, 11/6.
Several TIS mixing with the gospel singing. Fair signal.  (Thomas)

UNID LA CARRIERS I'M CHASING:  546.4, 576, 627.5, 765, 1058, and
1101.3 (Mark's 1100.8?)

The barking dog marker has jogged my memory.  I remember "chasing
the barking dog' years ago but I don't remember what I came up
with (if anything).  Any ideas?

TA stns are sparse around here except at SSS when France (1467)
makes an appearance and stns occasionally on 1602 and once on
567 (both UNIDed).

Sorry for all the UNIDs but maybe someone can help...

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