Re: [HCDX]: Maakeski report 3-6.12.1999
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Re: [HCDX]: Maakeski report 3-6.12.1999

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From: Jari Lehtinen <dx@xxxxxxxxx>
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Date: Monday, December 06, 1999 11:51 PM
Subject: [HCDX]: Maakeski report 3-6.12.1999

>Greetings from Maakeski DX-pedition!
>Jari Lehtinen; Racal RA-1792, Yaesu FRG-100.
>Pauli Holm: Yaesu FRG-100.
>Antennas: 400 m 60 o, 400 m 80 o, 90 m 260 o, 110 m 290 o.
>LOGGINGS and RACAL vs. YAESU -receiver test

>3905   daily   1210-/2000-  RRI Merauke. Powerful signal from
>                       Merauke and Pt.Moresby 4890 proved that
>                       provincial stations could have been
>                       audible - if those had been on the air.

PNG regionals and RRI stations are easy pickings here in the Pacific
Northwest from Februrary through October (only difficult during Nov-Oct, and
then 4890, R New Ireland and R Merauke can most always be heard in the
evenings).  About half the mornings I can set up a series of receivers with
MD's and record from 1000-1200* on most (although Enga is a Beverage only
opportunity down on the coast 100km away)

My experience is that receiving NBC on 4890 is no indication that the
regionals will be heard. Often I have heard NBC-4890, Vanuatu(3945 / 4960),
SIBS-5020, R New Ireland and RRI Merauke on 3905 but absolutely none of the
PNGs from 2410-3395kHz (excepting R Manus 3315 which for some reason is
there when the others are not).

A better indication is reception of ABC stations on 2310, 2325 and
2485....If these are going after 0830, then you know you have a good shot!

YMMV in the Finnish Arctic.

>4875   5.12.   2110-   RRI Sorong. Warta Berita Daerah 2130.
>                       Second station that was remarkably better
>                       with Racal. Yaesu suffered bad electric
>                       noise level, but Racal succeeded to dig
>                       signal up.

That's like comparing a WJ HF1000A to a Sony 2010, isn't it?  :-).
Differences in price point as well as sensitivity. I would have been
surprised if you did not get your results.

Just out of curiousity, Have you compared the Racal RA-1792 to a HF1000A?
There are many of the RA-1792's coming onto the used military surplus market
now (just as the Collins 2050 did in the past 2 years.).

Best regards and thanks for the update (too bad those of us in the US cannot
view the website featuring your DXpedition on CNN!)
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