Re: [HCDX]: AOR 7030
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Re: [HCDX]: AOR 7030

Hi Chris:

Thanks for your E Mail. Much appreciated. Tell me some about your fence
interference. I live right next door to a 400 acres cattle area where
the neighbor has decided to put up the electric fence. They have owned
the property since 1846 (The Tagg family). The owners grandfather used
barbed wire fences for many years, but this has been easier to install
for them and probably cheaper. I had a run-in with them a few years
back.  They have allowed me to run some of my antennas on their property
so I can't really say too much unfortunately.

The Drake R8 does take some of it out but has its drawbacks as if you
get close to a strong signal the noise blanker goes off (even though it
is turned on) and I get the clicking. I can DX with the noise, but it
drives me nuts.

I was told some of the other receivers out there like the NRD 535 and
545, plus the AOR 7030 do a better job on getting rid of the noise,
because there are more controls to adjust. According to a British Short
Wave magazine, the Noise Blanker in the AOR 7030 has a "brain" to fiqure
out the pulse noise and knock it out. So I think some receiver(s) might
work on this.

I don't know how effective the DSP stuff would be as I don't know much
about it. In theory I think it would work well against most noise, but I
have never heard any.

I recently sent Sherwood Electronics in El Paso Texas an E Mail. Maybe
they have some ideas. Drake sure has not been helpful in this area.

I don't see why some kind of a noise blanker would not work. No the
ANC-4 does not work. The fence I feel is too large and it is too hard to
get a null on it. The ANC-4 works well on noise that in constant and
coming from one area. The fence radiates from too much of an area.

What type of receiver do you use?  Does it have a noise blanker? Any
adjustments on it?

Thanks. I am sorry you have such a noise too, but I am glad someone else
knows what I am talking about.



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