[HCDX]: G Hauser's Shortwave/DX Report 99-70
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[HCDX]: G Hauser's Shortwave/DX Report 99-70

        GLENN HAUSER'S SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-70, Dec 8, 1999

{Items from this and all our reports may be reproduced and re-
reproduced only providing full credit be maintained at all stages. 
This means adding the above heading if excerpting. BTW, many of these 
might also be attributed to WORLD OF RADIO 1015, produced 

** ARMENIA. Minutes after 99-69 was posted, we have the answer from 
Wolfgang Bueschel to Brian Alexander's TWR on 6240 under MONACO?

Hi Glenn, read your item from Brian Alexander about TWR 6240. Here is 
the story, to give more vitality to Protestant TWR personnel in
Central Asia CIS states in Moslem communities. 73 wb

About tx site: TWR is using MW outlets in Kamo, Armenia, and they set 
up the satellite link there too, as they have done in Albania also.

So it would be obvious to send out from same site via SW, and the 
Russian MCB firm is a reliable organization via Kamo, Armenia (and 
Orzu, Tajikistan too). Have always exact frequencies from there. 

Here is the table entry for Armenia, by both HFCC and Bernd 
Friedewald List:

 6240 0015-0100 30 31 ERV  100 78  KAZ/ENG    ARM TWR TWR

[TWR originally insisted that the site be kept secret for security 
reasons, but it soon came out from sources above.]

                   31 OCT 99 - 26 MAR 00

0015-0030 12345   KAZAK          49  6240  100 30/31     78                
0015-0045      67 ENGLISH        49  6240  100 30/31     78                
0030-0045 1234    KIRGIS         49  6240  100 30/31     78                
0030-0045     5   TURKMEN        49  6240  100 30/31     78                
0045-0100 1234567 KOREAN         49  6240  100 30/31     78             

1 = Monday ... 7 = Sunday   

[excerpt from an extensive TWR Armenian relay schedule involving many 
other frequencies] 

Trans World Radio Launches "MemCare by Radio" 
Innovative Program to Minister to Christians in Central Asia.

To help meet emotional and spiritual needs voiced by Christian 
workers living in Central Asia and by leaders of some of their 
organizations, international Christian broadcaster TWR launches a 
special broadcast beginning Fri, Nov 5.

"MemCare by Radio" will debut at 1720 on both MW and SW from a 
strategic outlet in Central Asia which provides a strong signal 
throughout the intended target area. It is a 30-min English language 
magazine style program prepared especially for expatriate Christians 
scattered throughout the region.

Initially, "MemCare by Radio" will air on Fri and Sat evenings at 
1720 on MW 864 and simultaneously on the 41 mb SW 7375. These two 
programs will be rebroadcast on Sat and Sun mornings at 0015 on MW 
864 and 49 mb 6240. The ultimate goal is for the program to be a 
daily radio broadcast.

Attrition is a common problem facing agencies and organizations that
position workers in areas such as Central Asia. "MemCare by Radio" 
was inspired by the needs of expatriates living and working in this 
region, where Christian meetings are often not allowed, and where 
loneliness, hostility, and sometimes even danger are companions of 
daily living. Some are there on assignment for their companies or 
organizations. Others are there as Christian workers. Where 
communications through any other means may expose the workers and 
jeopardize their lives and ministry, radio can effectively and 
compassionately serve to remind them that they are not alone nor 

The core team responsible for gathering the information and producing 
the broadcasts are staff of TWR-Europe. "MemCare by Radio" is an 
innovative way to link up the leadership with workers without 
security problems or the hassle of crossing borders.

I know there were many times when I felt lonely and depressed. If 
there had been a program like this, I definitely would have listened. 
I believe that through such a program lots of loneliness, depression, 
discouragement can be prevented. At the moment most member care is 
corrective. Radio would be preventive. On behalf of the workers in 
the field, I plead with you to pursue this radio broadcasting. (TWR 
USA News release, Oct 28 via BC-DX Nov 18)

Checked 6240 at 0015 Dec 8 and could only detect a very weak carrier 
here; but it is 100 kW beamed the wrong way (Hauser, OK)

** BONAIRE [non]. TWR's Latin American operations HQ are being moved 
from here to Miami, to save on travel expenses, etc. With satellite 
feeds origination can be done from anywhere. (gist of TWR press 
release via John Norfolk)

** CROATIA [non]. DTK Juelich revised schedule Dec. 1 shows Croatian 
Radio Zagreb staying on 9925 to Ams; no mention of previous plan to 
move inside 40 meter hamband, all dated 311099 to 260300:

 9925  0000 0159 11-16          202  230  3  1234567  HIC
 9925  0200 0359 6-10           112  300  3  1234567  HIC
 9925  0400 0559 2-10           105  325  3  1234567  HIC
11880  0600 0759 55,59,60       202  230  3  1234567  HIC
13820  0800 0959 58,59,60       208  270  3  1234567  HIC
11605  2100 2159 38,39,52,53,57 306  160  3  1234567  HIC

HIC = Hrvratska Informativini Centar (via Wolfgang Bueschel, 
excerpted by Hauser)

** CUBA. RHC on 13660-USB to Europe until 2130 in English now seems 
clear of Swiss co-channel, Dec 7 until about 2127 with DXers 
Unlimited, then dead air until English closing at 2130, into French: 
I listened carefully to opening frequency announcement, and yes, 
years after we first exposed this, in French they are STILL claiming 
to broadcast on FM (frequence modulee) instead of AM! (Glenn Hauser, 

** HONDURAS. HRMI was active upon Dec 8 1232 check of 5890, poor but 
clear on AM, not USB, but maybe a few kW with standard evangelical 
rhetoric in Spanish, hymn; 1236 mentioning Misiones Internacionales. 
I am still waiting for signs of any progress in MI's grandiose 
worldwide SW network project. After all, if it were not for MI, who 
could ever hear the Word Of God on the radio? Whenever 5890 is in I 
am also reminded to check for Miskut/Nicaragua on 5770. At 1241, and 
continuing past 1300 the frequency was blocked by a huge noisy ute 
(Glenn Hauser, OK)

** IRAN [non]. [Re: R. International, 7520] Hi,

>> I heard the former Soviet Union tune-up tones prior to 1730, but 
from the excellent strength I wonder if the site is closer to us. <<

Olle Alm, well-known specialist for CIS transmitters, pointed out, 
that in the beginning these tune-up pips was at 905 Hz. These 905 Hz 
tones are peculiar to -- Grigoriopol in Pridnestrovye, the 
separatist-controlled eastern part of Moldova. Furthermore 7520 is 
not new as Grigoriopol frequency, a couple of years ago Radio 
Pridnestrovye had a daily 30 minute afternoon broadcast in Russian on 
this channel.

However, recently Olle found just 470 Hz tones from the master 
control facility at Moscow (contrary to the mentioned 905 Hz pips, 
which are generated at Grigoriopol), so probably they have changed to 
another site, which is cheaper than the big 1000 kW Grigoriopol 
transmitters. Regards, (Kai Ludwig, Germany, Dec 8)

** IRELAND [non]. Re: 99-69. Yes, RTE is still there, and nothing 
else on 6155 at 0130 Dec 8 via England (Glenn Hauser, OK)

** KOREA NORTH. Subject: North Korea Correction (Frequency) Well as 
you know the 17735 freq at 0100 (English) is a doosey to make any 
voices out over that nasty buzz....listening to the tapes again today 
and, I have a correction to the 1600 broadcast to Africa. It should 
be on frequencies of 6540, 9600, and 9975 khz. The 9975 freq I had 
listed as 9945 [Re: 99-65]. Regards, (David Zantow, Janesville, WI)

** PERU. RADIO AMISTAD. 2358-0050 Dec. 4
Vernacular music; at 0000 announced frequency as 4515, and would be 
transmitting without interruption starting today, with schedule on SW 
converting to 0900-1100, 2300-0400 UT. This is the station reported 
by Can~ote on new frequency ex 4575.

6249.8 presumed RADIO LA VOZ. 1019-1040 Dec. 6
Mx vernacular with Perlita del Chavin in the program Amanecer Andino. 
"seguimos con el huayno querido, huayno peruano..." no ID heard, male 
announcer in Spanish and Quechua, Advs. Servicio Agropecuario San 

6522 ONDAS DEL RIO MARAN~ON. 2232-2350 Dec. 1.
Tropical music, ``en Ondas del Rio Maran~on a traves de la onda corta 
internacional llegando a todo el mundo..." Reactivated after months
off the air with the old name (ex-Radio Impacto) last heard in 
December 98. (Rafael Rodriguez R., Bogota, Dec 8)

** RUSSIA. Unfortunately, not any response from KNLS yet. There were 
their own programs via our transmitters in last October. I 
nevertheless think they are not interested in our relays at present...
In addition to my previous report I can add that R. Gardarika will
broadcast on Dec 10-12 (not 11-13!) and 17-19 at 2130-2330 UTC
(instead of 2130-2300) on 5865 and 7180 kHz. (Mikhail Timofeyev,
GPR-2, St Petersburg, Dec 7)

** SWEDEN. [Re: 99-69] You were a little more diplomatic than I'm 
going to be: This is disgraceful behavior. What is it, some sort of 
top secret occasion, maybe a state secret has been leaked! This is 
one of the many stations that have more listeners in the ionosphere 
or maybe even higher up! At least it was not only GH who was caught 
by surprise, because I heard no mentions of it any of the other media 
programs. This attitude is so typical of many stations; that's why 
you can have an anniversary or contest and nobody noticed! Well, 
except guests at the station's party who never have and never will 
listen to the station! 

I asked a staff member to contact GH about a special event the 
station (not Radio Sweden) was going to broadcast and was 
preannounced on the station several times, do you think GH was 
contacted? OK COURSE NOT! (Larry Nebron, swprograms)

** THAILAND. Back in Bangkok they are not monitoring what is going 
out from Udorn nor watching the clock. Otherwise R. Thailand would 
have been concluding transmission rather than still doing news when 
cut off 9810 at 1259:30 Dec 8. Putting the news at the end of their 
English broadcasts is also a daring departure (Glenn Hauser, OK)

** UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. UAE Radio, Dubai, appears to have diminished 
English times, especially news to only a few minutes. The 1330 
broadcast on 13675 Wed Dec 8 ended the news already at 1334 for 
feature The Arabs in History until back into Arabic at 1347; also on 
//21605 (Glenn Hauser, OK)

** U K O G B A N I. Glen, the UNID on 3930 kHz will be Laser Hot 
Hits, a UK free radio station, playing mainly current pop chart 
music, but with occasional oldies and even offshore recordings.  It 
has parallels on 6220 and 7460.  As far as I know, all three 
frequencies are still on 24 hours 7 days.  The address is PO Box 293, 
MERLIN, Ontario, Canada. [Re: 99-69 EUROPE]

Regards, (Tom Read, Macclesfield, England, Dec 8)

PS, when I first saw UKOGBANI in Monitoring Times, I assumed it was a 
newly independent African state!!!!!!


Dear Mr. Hauser RE: your wondering in sw/dx report 99-68 I suspect 
that "Passport...2000" is the source. Therein Dushanbe is translated 
as "Monday", the ages-old day of the local market. It bugs me, too, 
when I cannot remember where I picked up tidbits of info. Keep up 
your good work! (Bill Little, St. Francis, WI) Actually it was Olle 
Alm, Sweden in BC-DX (Hauser)                                 ###

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