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Finally after solar storm after solar storm and generally bad conditions
most of the season, Eastern CX are finally picking up. It is about time
too. I had checked my 1500' Eastern Beverage a few times of late but
nothing bad was found.

1330 KHZ   IOWA, WATERLOO  KWLO fair on top off and on with NOS format,
ID as "KWLO" and "Stars 13-30" a lot of Christmas tunes at 0145 EST
12/12 (PM-OR)

1330 KHZ   KANSAS, WICHITA  KFH, good on top w/ "1330 KFH" ID, and also
what sounded like "Hot Talk 13-30", running Hilly Rose, sitting in for
Art Bell at 0215 EST 12/12, QRM (PM-OR)

1330 KHZ   MINNESOTA, MPLS  WMNN good on top but trading places with
others, IDs as "News Radio 1330, MNN, Weather at 0215, mixing w/KFH
12/12 (PM-OR)

1330 KHZ   OHIO??? station popping up with news story on "Toledo couple"
at 0202 EST 12/12. Sounded local or regional news, but soon lost in
jumble. (PM-OR)

1330 KHZ    UNID  CNN NX at 0220 EST 12/12, topping channel briefly

1330 KHZ  UNID   second NOS station mixing with KWLO at 0223 EST 12/12,
playing Frank Sinatra Christmas song. (PM-OR)

1460 KHZ  NORTH  DAKOTA, Dickinson KLTC, totally topping KMWX with C&W
mx, ID at 0259.45 EST 12/12 "This is Real Country's KLTC-Dickinson" .

Drake R8
1500' Eastern Beverage, terminated.

Patrick Martin
Post Office Box 843
Seaside  OR  97138-0843

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