Re: [HCDX]: Kazakstan on MW
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Re: [HCDX]: Kazakstan on MW

At 19.47 5.12.1999 +0300, Dmitri Mezin wrote:
>At last, Kazak Radio was again received on MW. Today, heard them with a
>rather weak signal on 1341 kHz, at 1408 (and still when re-checked at 1505).
>// to 12115. WRTH lists a 25 kW tx in Aqtau (western part of the country, at
>the Caspian Sea shore) for this frequency. All other known KAZ MW channels
>are apparently inactive.

I also checked the fq and I heard Voice of America sign on in Russian at
1400 UT.
That is probably from Almaty.

73, Mauno

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