[HCDX]: WRTH-2000
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[HCDX]: WRTH-2000

To all recipients of HCDX:

Follows is an extract from the latest edition of the Electronic DX Press
(Dec-19), written by myself,  concerning the negative comments being
circulated across the Internet about WRTH-2000. 

"WORLD RADIO TV HANDBOOK. The Year-2000 edition has been put on sale in the
UK, and I expect to be able to provide an INFOVIEW of it in our next EDXP.
Initial comments appearing in hard-core-dx suggest that this latest edition
has some shortcomings; I feel that the people writing these negative
assessments should stand back and look at the product in its entirety,
rather than dwell on problems affecting small areas of its editorial
coverage. People should realise that no publication is 100% perfect. As I
have not yet seen the latest edition I cannot comment; I wrote words here
in EDXP about the 1999 edition which contained some criticism and ideas for
improvement, and correspondence from the WRTH people advised that my views
were being taken on board for the year 2000 version. We shall see!"


Bob Padula,
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