RE: [HCDX]: WRTH-2000
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RE: [HCDX]: WRTH-2000

> has some shortcomings; I feel that the people writing these negative
> assessments should stand back and look at the product in its entirety,
> rather than dwell on problems affecting small areas of its editorial
> coverage. People should realise that no publication is 100% perfect. As I
> have not yet seen the latest edition I cannot comment; I wrote words here
> in EDXP about the 1999 edition which contained some criticism and
> ideas for
> improvement, and correspondence from the WRTH people advised that my views
> were being taken on board for the year 2000 version. We shall see!"

Yes, indeed Bob. We must look upon the WRTH more in a positive way.  But a
lot of the shortcomings that appeared last year were reported to the editor.
It is difficult to accept that these errors occur over and over again. We
are not asking a publication that is 100% correct.  The WRTH users want only
that, where possible, the publisher will take their view into account.  If
there is no information available from say, Burundi, it also possible to put
a note under the header, just like it was done with the stations from former
Yugoslavia during the war.

There are indeed things that improved: the maps are very clear and the
surveyability is excellent (it is a pity that high ASCII characters are
incorrect but that is not the fault of the editor). And as said in my
previous mail there are a lot of schedules that have the winter period
indication.  Looks like US MW-listing is quite good. Finally, the BFBS
station in Antwerp, Belgium is taken out.

It is surely not all bad news.  I didn't say that.  But it could be better.
Now let's hope the 'WRTH National Shortwave Supplement' will come online
soon.  The drawback will be that we have to consult two lists.

BTW : Klingenfuss has also an online correction at bf
The United Arab Emirates and Singapore are missing from his Frequency list
CD.  In the book is everything OK.

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