Re: [HCDX]: 1569.93 khz?
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Re: [HCDX]: 1569.93 khz?

Hi Gert!

I manage to hear the same station last night,but this time with call
signs...HRRF...and even better...a good recording:)



Alf Aardal

Gert Nilsson wrote:

> I heard this station this morning. It was clearly RCN in Tegucigalpa!

> Alf Aardal wrote:
> > Heard a station on the 16th of december at 0745 on 1569.93 khz....but I
> > can't figure out which one this is...and from where....Central America
> > or South America?
> >
> > Several ID's as R.Nacional....and mentioning "Panorama" several times,I
> > suppose this is program title or what?
> > The closest thing I come up with...Honduras.
> >
> > I would appreciate all replies.
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