Re: [HCDX]: UnID Arabic 11655
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Re: [HCDX]: UnID Arabic 11655

Following up on yesterday's log of an unID Arabic station on 11655 Saturday 
DEC 18 2330 - Sunday DEC 19 0110+

Nothing heard today on 11655, just R. Netherlands in the afternoon here to 
2125*.  I did not hear Qatar at all (although they were dominant over R. 
Netherlands here in the 1930-2130* range in early November), so perhaps they 
have given up the channel?  If so, why would they be here running late?

Abu Dhabi was noted running late tonight at 0010 (DEC 20) on 6180, 9605 kHz.

David Yocis - New York, NY - R71A, random wire
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