[HCDX]: Great HJ/YV-cx last nite
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[HCDX]: Great HJ/YV-cx last nite

I was listening the night between the 20-21 December and
stumbled upon some of the best cx for Colombia and Venezuela
for a long time.

Unfortunately though, you get quite a few "RCN Antena Dos" 
adn similar ID's, and I wasn't really lucky with any local

Also clearly noted was the fact that many Venezuelan stations 
were broadcasting special programmes due to the disaster
that occurred a few days earlier. 

I heard quite a few off-frequency stations, some of them I
hope you may help me to "identify":
1559,7 A station with mainly popular music, a jingle on the
hour (0200 UTC) but otherwise not much chat. I do not recall
that Andina 1560 is off frequency. 
1539,8 also clearly an HJ or YV-station...
1289.8 another SS with much talk...

I also got the ID "Radio Reloj" on 1080, I have no idea what this 
could be...

Many more stations noted - and most of them with very good
signal strength too. 
I got RCN Antena Dos on 1350, 1400, 1410, 1560 among others...
I got Radio Recuerdos on 1260. 

Dick Gustavsson, Ornskoldsvik, Sweden
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