[HCDX]: Dec 22 log
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[HCDX]: Dec 22 log

Hi all,

CAMEROON 5010 Radio Garoua (presumed) 2008-2020, French talk and African
music (sounds like) with string instruments, very weak signal with deep
fading and fluttery peaks (Roth Dec 22)

UGANDA 4976 Radio Uganda 2022-2040, Vn, talk with music bridges, no
trace of English as mentioned in several lists, but twice mention of
Kampala, deep fading but strong peaks, nothing on //5026 (Roth Dec 22)

TURKMENISTAN 5015 Radio Bakhara 2043-2055, Vn, talk and 'opera-like'
music, fair signal with slight UTE CW QRM (Roth Dec 22)

CHINA 5020 Jiangxi PBS (presumed) 2100-2115, Mandarin, traces of
possible ID on the hour '...guangbo dian...', traces of 'Chinese
sounding' music, very weak with rapid fading (Roth Dec 22)

BENIN 5025  ORTB Parakou (presumed) 2115-2125, Vn, talk with a short
piece of music, chanting accompanied by drums, very weak with rapid
fading (Roth Dec 22)

...all in all rather rotten conditions today...

73 de Thomas
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