[HCDX]: Dec 23 log
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[HCDX]: Dec 23 log

Hi friends,

BENIN 5025  ORTB Parakou (follow-up) 0500-0515, French/Vn, s/o with ID
on the hour 'Radiodiffusion TV Beninoise emitant du Parakou', then into
Vn and (presumably) news, followed by reggae-like music, fair signal
(Roth Dec 23)

EQUATORIAL GUINEA 5003.4 Radio Nacional 0517-0525, Spanish, talk with
frequent mention of Bata and Tanzania and western pop-music, fair signal
with slight fading (Roth Dec 23)

BURKINA FASO RTV Burkina 4815 0550-0615, French, ID on the hour 'Ici
Ouagadougou', news bulletin with frequent mention of Ouagadougou, Maputo
and Harare, followed by African music, fair signal with slight UTE CW
QRM (Roth Dec 23)

Ok, that´s it until next week. Wishing all the Cumbre-, HCDX-, ODXL- and
A-DX-crowds a very merry xmas and a healthy and happy Y2K !!!

73 de Thomas
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