[HCDX]: Radio Prizren REACT. on 1377 kHz !
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[HCDX]: Radio Prizren REACT. on 1377 kHz !

RADIO PRIZREN (Prizren, KOSOVO) reactivated on 1377 kHz with a LOCAL

Heard on DEC 23 at 0030 UTC in Albanian with a request program (phone-ins,
pop, no news).
A number of IDs, a very clear one at 0101 UTC incl. frequencies (MW + FM).
Radio Prizren is listed on 1377 kHz (10 kW) and 94.0 MHz.
Good signal, S9+10 dB in peaks, clear channel.
The station was on the air still after 0200 UTC, when mostly young people
were still calling for their favourite songs.

(Prizren is to be pronounced similarly like "prison", not "prize").


Karel Honzik,
the Czech Republic

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