RE: [HCDX]: RE: 1584 test (Radio Caroline?)
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RE: [HCDX]: RE: 1584 test (Radio Caroline?)


> I heard a station with nonstop music and the well-known
> 'Caroline bell'
> around 17.30 UTC on Dec. 23 but unfortunately it was heavily
> disturbed so I
> didn't get any ID. My location is some 350 km's north of
> Stockholm.

Yep, that's their test transmission. A loop-tape with Pop and Rock
music, Dutch and English IDs as "15-84 AM" and the Caroline bell between
some records. Good reception here on 22.12. around 1900 UTC.

> > short announcements, in Dutch or English, like 'this is a test
> transmission
> > on 1584' and
> > '1584 AM, P.O.BOx 11122, 3505 AW Utrecht'.  After sunset it
> is lo longer
> > possible to hear them here in Antwerp.

Strange, I've compared that with my recording, I hear a zip-code of 3505
DC Utrecht!


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