[HCDX]: Loggings from Victoria, BC, Canada.
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[HCDX]: Loggings from Victoria, BC, Canada.

THAILAND  9680 Radio Thailand in English to Asia/E. Africa with a fair
signal at 0024 about Christmas in Thailand, over cochannel Belgrade.  At
0030, reception is good on 13695 in English to East Coast N. America, with
English news.  Signal was a bit choppy, with long/short path echo.
Business news at 0043.  (Salmaniw, 24 Dec).

IRAN  9022.10 Voice of Islamic Republic of Iran in the clear in English at
0051, poor/fair, but superior to previous night.  Parallels heard were:
6135.14 stronger, but more adjacent splatter, and 6065.0 poor, but in the
clear.  The previous night, freq. was 6065.73. 
English service to India/SE Asia, on the other hand, has all frequencies
right on.  At 1605 9885 is fair, 11775  is good, well over Anguilla, 7245
is only poor, with talk about Christmas celebrated by religious minorities
in Iran. (Salmaniw, 25 Dec).

PHILIPPINES  15175  FEBC with English to India/Myanmar with Christmas
carols at 0050.  Poor signal, but fair the following night.  (Salmaniw, 24

RUSSIA  9530  Magadan Radio, with local ads, Russian talk, parallel to
Yuzhno Sakhalinsk on 11840 USB at 0113.  Both good.  
11840 had local weather at 0302, then novosti from Radio Sakhalin (news).
Very good reception except for minimal cochannel from NHK.  Some nights NHK
does dominate, but not often.

Radio Stantsiya Chechnya Svobodna heard with excellent signal on 11635 at
0700 sign on with time check for 1000 Moscow time, announcing frequencies
in the 17, 19, 25, 41 and 51 meter bands, as well as 189 KHz, and one other
in the MW band.  Full ID at 0701. Very slanted reporting, giving only the
Russian view, and frequent use of the term "bandits" referring to the
opposing side.  Should definitely be considered only a program, rather than
any sort of clandestine affair! (Salmaniw, 24 Dec).

SRI LANKA  Now's the time for SUPERB reception from SLBC.  Heard at 0119 on
11905 with a lovely signal, very slightly muddy audio, probably old hollow
state equipment, resulting in a warm very enjoyable signal.  SIO 4-5-4.5.
Local language.  At 0137, 15425 was heard in English, with Back to the
Bible program.  Good signal on 24 Dec.  On the 25th, again the signals were
superb.  Nice ID in vernacular at 0025 on 11905.  Not sure of the language,
as I have Hindi starting at 0030 listed.  At 0030, on 15425, there were
time pips, time check for 0600, then an announcer with a cold saying "Hello
there, good morning".  He then excused himself for the bad tone of his
voice.  Very folksy.  Very good reception!  (Salmaniw, 24 and 25 Dec).

INDIA (tent)  13700 A strange interval signal/and ID, not AIR.  Sounded
like a subcontinental set of bag pipes.  Parallel to 9565.  AIR lists
Tibetan with Bangalore at 500 Kw for the first, and 250 Kw from Panaji for
the latter, but assuming this is AIR, why the unusual IS?   (Salmaniw, 24

ZAMBIA  6265  Fish Eagle interval signal at 0247, followed by national
anthem at 0250, drums then talk in vernacular.  "Radio One", clearly heard
at 0255. Fair to good signal.
(Salmaniw, 24 Dec).

ROMANIA  7520  Radio Moldova International, in Russian, with ID at 0400 as
Govorit Moldova, or something similar.  That darned buzzing transmitter,
heard on all language services monitored (English, Spanish, and Romanian)
must put off all but the die hard listener! Poor to fair, though
occasionally can be fair to good. 

Radio Romania International, in English with news headlines at 0401 on 9570
fair, listed to India, and 11830 fair to good in the clear. (Salmaniw, 24

CZECH REPUBLIC Radio Prague's 7345 direct from CR with good signal in
English at 0403 with ID.  Parallel from WRMI on 7385 was very strong, but
almost two minutes behind!  (Salmaniw, 24 Dec). 

KUWAIT  15110 Radio Kuwait is not often heard in English in our local late
evening, but the English broadcast was heard here with full ID and
frequencies listed, poor to fair.  "You are listening to Radio Kuwait",
again at 0557.  (Salmaniw, 24 Dec).

SLOVAKIA  11990 Radio Slovakia International's English service to the
Pacific was good to very good at 0703, over cochannel Radio Rossii, from
listed Samara, but both well heard due to the very different modulation.
Too bad they couldn't separate by 5 or 10 Khz, though.  Parallels of 21705
and 15460 barely audible.  (Salmaniw, 24 Dec).

YEMEN  9779.79  Sa'anah heard on this very stable off channel frequency
with Arabic music at 1758, followed by the unique interval signal twice,
national anthem,then ID by a female in English. Not quite armchair copy.,
but close.  (Salmaniw, 24 Dec).

NORTH KOREA  Poor Radio Pyongyang, suffering the same fate as Radio Moldova
International's transmitters.  Tuned them in at 0003 on Christmas Day, only
to find all frequencies highly distorted, and totally unuseable plus a loud
buzz to boot.  "Best" frequency was 15180, also on 13760, and 11710.
Supposedly in English.  I have monitored several times since, and the
buzzing has occasionally been better, with less distortion.  For our
technical wizzards, what is the diagnosis???   (Salmaniw, 25 Dec).

CAMBODIA  (tentatively) National Voice of Cambodia, but one which will need
further monitoring.  Just above threshold, on 11940.4 with talk, in I
believe French, at 0018.  I see they have listed English from 0000 to 0015
as well.  Suspect this should propagate on a good night, better than this.
 (Salmaniw, 25 Dec).

EGYPT  9475  Carrying on the theme of awful modulation, is Radio Cairo's
North American service in English at 0226.  Signal is strong, but very hard
to follow.  (Salmaniw, 25 Dec).

UNID  7072  Seems to sign-on at 0200, heard daily from 25th. Reception is
best on LSB, to avoid ute QRM, but signal is full AM.  ?Quran after
sign-on? Off seemingly at 0258.  Barely threshold.  I'm wondering if this
might be Voice of Shari'ah.  Could monitors in the region, Europe, or ECNA
have a listen and give us some ideas who this might be.  (Salmaniw, 25 Dec).

MYANMAR  5985.86  Radio Myanmar's signal is actually quite strong, except
for problematic hets.  Brief talk in English, with western music
predominating.  Off at 1600 including carrier.  (Salmaniw, 25 Dec).

MONGOLIA  5855  Voice of Free Asia is listed from here in my records with
Korean at 1602.  Good reception.  English ID before the top of the hour.
(Salmaniw, 25 Dec).

ALGERIA  Radio Algiers International,15160.13,  in English with ID at 1627.
 Fair to good, mostly western music. (Salmaniw, 25 Dec).

SEYCHELLES  11605 FEBA fighting it out with Israel, both at good to very
good levels, with FEBA on with their interval signal.  Israel in French at
that time.  (Salmaniw, 25 Dec).

GABON  RFI has superb reception in English on numerous frequencies, with
talk about the IMF.  12015 better than 11995, both from Gabon, as well as
direct 15210, 17850, and 11615, most all armchair copy!, with mild
annoyance from short/long path echo.  (Salmaniw, 25 Dec)

CLAND  7520 Test tones at 1725, music at 1725, and talk after 1730, with
Radio International, clearly heard.  Fair reception.  (Salmaniw).

UNID  9905  Looking for Dushanbe, which I had listed in my notes.  Heard a
Germanic sounding language at 1719, very weak, upto 1758, then Voice of
Russia Interval signal.  Suppose this could be a Tajik relay.  Anyone any
details of site and language? (Salmaniw, 25 Dec).

UKRAINE  Nice to hear RUI back with it's megawatt transmitter, presumably
at Lviv.  Heard on 9870 with interval signal, into Ukrainian programming at
1700.  Announcing 6020 and 9560 to Europe, 6080 and 9610 to Russian and
Kazakhstan, and 9870 to North America.  Signal was fair to good, with 9560
poor to fair, and 9610 only poor.  (Salmaniw, 25 Dec).

LEBANON  Voice of Hope on 11530 with modern English religous music, and
English programming, fair to good strength.  (Salmaniw, 25 Dec).

That's all for now folks.  Enjoy those long nights in front of the dials!


Walter R. Salmaniw, MD             email:  salmaniw@xxxxxxxx
Victoria, British Columbia    DXING FROM CANADA'S WEST COAST, using
CANADA                        premier radio receivers:  Collins HF2050,
(250) 592-1033                Collins R390A,ITT Mackay 3031A, 
                              Racal RA.117, JRC NRD 535D, and 
                              Kenwood R5000.
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