Re: [HCDX]: Loggings from Victoria, BC, Canada.
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Re: [HCDX]: Loggings from Victoria, BC, Canada.

Hi Walt;

Guess we've both been spending time at the dials lately, these good
don't come around all that often.  BTW rcvd the manual in fine shape, many
thanks for that effort.

I was looking for Cambodia at 0000 as well, but today all I heard was  -
likely, not 100% sure-
was Romania there with a 9 note I/S (as mentioned by someone else) The
...national is clear,
and the Romania part fits. I make them on 11939.95 tonight.  Will keep
looking.  Didn't have the log
periodic out that way then.

Vanuatu 4960 doing well at 0700, so may stay up and watch for the yacth race
stuff on 4603.6
as mentioned on WUN....

Acquired an ICOM R-8500, with all its memories it makes a useful storage
device to check out all these
multitudes of frequencies that WUN and HCDX etc bring to us.  Then "zero in"
with the real receivers, hi.
I'm sure you know what I'm referring to....

I notice quite a delay in the HCDX stuff - my posting took several hours,
and some look like they took longer,
so I see you have quite a list that you send directly to - if you'd add
ve6jy@xxxxxx  to that, it would be appreciated.

All the best for 2000!

73 Don

CAMBODIA  (tentatively) National Voice of Cambodia, but one which will need
further monitoring.  Just above threshold, on 11940.4 with talk, in I
believe French, at 0018.  I see they have listed English from 0000 to 0015
as well.  Suspect this should propagate on a good night, better than this.
 (Salmaniw, 25 Dec).

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