Re[2]: [HCDX]: UNID Russian (?) 1485 with Family Radio
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Re[2]: [HCDX]: UNID Russian (?) 1485 with Family Radio

Sorry, the correct e-mail address for R.Center is ccmradio@xxxxxxxxxx

73, Nick.

Tuesday, December 28, 1999, 4:00:47 PM, you wrote:

NP> It's Radio Center in Moscow on 1485 kHz (40 kw).
NP> This Christian station relays some foreign broadcasters
NP> including Family Radio and FEBC.
NP> email: <ccm@xxxxxxxxxx>

NP> Best wishes for Year 2000 !

NP> Nick Pashkevich, Box 35, Moscow-111401 Russia.

NP> Tuesday, December 28, 1999, 11:39:12 AM, you wrote:

BM>> Heard 271299 at 1425-1435 on 1485 kHz a Family Radio station running "Open Forum" which seemed to be a phone-in program.  At 1431 a Russian announcement, presumably giving a postal address, until
BM>> returning to English.  A few minutes later W.European sunset drowned the station in interference.

BM>> Antenna direction indicate a station to my E or NE, perhaps Siberia.  It is definately not AFN Germany.  Any ideas?

BM>> Happy Y2K!

BM>> ---From the world's northernmost DX-er---
BM>>                    71°N, 29°E
BM>> Bjarne Mjelde
BM>> P.O.Box 58
BM>> N-9980 Berlevåg, Norway
BM>> Receivers:  AR7030+, KWZ-30
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